Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lenses for APS-C Released

Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lenses for APS-C Released

Viltrox just released a series of three new cine lenses: a 23, a 33 and a 56mm T1.5. Specifically designed for Sony E-Mount cameras, these new manual-focus lenses cover the APS-C format. Priced at $415 each, they are already available for pre-order.

Chinese lens companies have been particularly prolific lately and Viltrox is no exception. In fact, they just launched a new series of E-Mount cine lenses for APS-C sensors. The first three lenses in this series include a 23, a 33 and a 56mm T1.5.

However, with Sony firmly moving to full-frame sensors, it looks like Viltrox is trying to target a very specific niche of the market. Indeed, since these lenses can only cover the APS-C format, their compatibility is limited to the Sony a6xxx and FS series as well as Z-Cam E2 cameras (when using the Viltrox E-T10 adapter). But let’s take a closer look.

Viltrox 56mm T1.5 on the Sony a6300
The Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lens 56mm T1.5 mounted on the Sony a6300. Source: Viltrox

Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lenses: overview

The advantage of using cine rather than photographic glass is that cine lenses within the same series usually have identical light transmission, which makes it easier to maintain exposure consistency between different shots. (With some exceptions on the wider focal lengths usually.)

And of course, working with accessories like follow focus systems, filters or gimbals is made effortless since lenses belonging to the same series usually share identical physical characteristics as well, like the same front diameter and of course gears.

These new Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lenses seem to be well-designed in this regard. The three lenses feature the same transmission of T1.5, which makes them well-suited for low-light situations and provides a shallow depth of field for a more cinematic look.

Viltrox 33mm T1.5
The Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lens 33mm T1.5. Source: Viltrox

Moreover, the 23, 33 and 56mm T1.5 share the same physical size (72×77 mm), front-end diameter (70mm), filter-thread (M62 x 0.75) and solid metal construction.

These lenses are manual focus only. They feature gear-shaped focus and aperture rings to easily attach a follow focus. The two rings occupy exactly the same position on all three lenses: a great advantage when switching between different focal lengths.

Viltrox 56mm T1.5
The Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lens 56mm T1.5. Source: Viltrox

Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lenses: optical construction

The Viltrox 23, 33 and 56mm T1.5 are built with 11 elements divided into 10 groups, including two extra-low dispersion and two highly-refractive lenses to increase optical performance. This optical design should minimize focus breathing when focusing.

Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lenses MTF Charts
MTF charts for the Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lenses. Source: Viltrox

Moreover, the front lens has an HD multi-layer nano-coating as well as waterproof and anti-fouling coatings.

The wide iris is built using a 14-blades design. According to Viltrox, this should provide sharpness from the center to the edges of the frame as well as a silky-smooth bokeh.

Viltrox 23mm T1.5
The Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lens 23mm T1.5. Source: Viltrox

In a nutshell

  • E-Mount
  • Compatible with APS-C sensors
  • Manual focus
  • Aperture range: T1.5-16
  • 14-blades iris
  • Minimum focus distance: 0.3m (23mm) / 0.4m (33mm) / 0.63m (56mm)
  • Front-end diameter 70mm
  • Filter thread: M62 x 0.75mm
  • Size: 72×77 mm
  • Weight: 500g (23mm) / 510g (33mm) / 540g (56mm)

Price and availability

Besides the technical specifications, these Viltrox E-Mount Cine Lenses also share an extremely competitive price of $415. However, it looks like the three lenses must be purchased separately, since no kit option is currently available. In the box you will find the cine lens, rear and front caps and a carrying pouch.

Featured image credits: Photo by Jack B on Unsplash

Are you looking for a cine lens kit for your Sony E-Mount APS-C camera? What do you think of the new Viltrox?


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