Wireless Follow Focus. Redrock's "microRemote" Preview.

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Redrock Micro's "microRemote".

Redrock Micro's "microRemote". Photo By: Redrock Micro.

This has been in the works for some time. There is no word on a release date or pricing yet. A cost effective wireless follow focus would be a home run for Redrock. Let’s hope they can keep it around a grand. This is ripped from the Redrock website.

“The Redrock microRemote brings new levels of quality and features at a revolutionary price. The microRemote is a remote follow focus unit designed that enables precise control of lenses, especially those that are difficult to reach – typically on a jib/crane, or on a steadicam.”

“The microRemote consists of three essential components: wireless transmitter provides the handheld controls, the base station which acts as a receiver and controller, and the drive motors which connect to and move the lens rings. Up to three separate drive motors can be controlled by the base station for advanced control of iris, zoom, and focus.”

Redrock microRemote Features

Option for both wireless (via wireless transmitter) and wired (via wired controller) operation

Can plug in up to three separate drive motors into a single base station to control focus, iris, and zoom

Programmable in/out points

QuickCalibrate™ lens calibration – keep from damaging lens and gears, simple and quick steps

Flash-upgradeable firmware

Click Here To Go To Redrock’s Website.


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