Wooden Camera Unified Accessories for Sony FX6 Announced

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Wooden Camera Unified Accessories for Sony FX6 Announced

Wooden Camera has announced a full range of accessories compatible with the new Sony FX6 (see our First Look Review), adding to their long list of modular parts for Sony cinema cameras. The new accessories include a Top Plate, Unified Baseplate, PL-Mount Adapter and Battery Power solutions.

Wooden Camera, creator of high quality accessories, has been creating professional camera accessories for years and have unofficially been called the “affordable ARRI” when it comes to unified accessories. The quality and amount of thought that has gone into designing their products have made them a solid player in the accessory market.

Top plate

For the upcoming Sony FX6, Wooden Camera has created a new Top Plate in the popular “horseshoe” design which still lets you use the original Sony camera handle (and therefore retains access to cable free camera control features and XLR inputs).

Top Plate (camera right side) for Sony FX6
Top Plate (camera right side) for Sony FX6. Source: Wooden Camera

There are plenty of 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 (with ARRI pin-lock pattern) mounting points that let you attach arms and other rigging components like 15mm rod-clamps for viewfinder brackets (hint: the FX6 doesn’t have a viewfinder).

Top Plate (camera left side) for Sony FX6
Top Plate (camera left side) for Sony FX6. Source: Wooden Camera

Unified Baseplate

The Unified Baseplate, as the name implies, is compatible with other camera models ( Sony VENICE, Blackmagic URSA Mini (Pro, …) as well. This clever design offers standard 15mm lightweight rod clamps at the correct distance to the center of the lens.

Unified Baseplate for FX6
Unified Baseplate for FX6. Source: Wooden Camera

The sliding quick-release plate is an ARCA Swiss standard shape with an integrated vertical rod clamp which can be used to support lens adapters.

Quick-release plate and integrated dovetail support
Quick-release plate and integrated dovetail support. Source: Wooden Camera

Another great feature that you get to appreciate when using longer lenses on your camera is the integrated support for standard dovetail plates. You can remove the included plate that you normally screw your tripod plate into and the baseplate can slide directly onto good-old dovetail plates with more room for balancing your setup on tripods.

E-Mount to PL mount Pro Adapter

Adapting lenses to an E-Mount camera is an easy task because of the short flange depth of the native E-Mount. With the E-Mount to PL Mount Pro Adapter you have a sturdy product to mount PL lenses to the FX6.

E-Mount to PL Mount Pro Adapter
E-Mount to PL Mount Pro Adapter. Source: Wooden Camera

The included support foot and ring that interface with the quick-release plate of the Unified Baseplate ensure that there is as little play as possible between the lens and the body which is important when attaching follow focuses or lens motors. Of course, being part of unified accessories, you can use the adapter with any E-Mount camera, however the support ring can only be used with compatible accessories.

Battery Slide Pro

To power your camera and accessories with professional batteries, Wooden Camera offers the Battery Slide Pro which interfaces directly with the back of the FX6 body without the need for rods. You can still have a BP-U battery inserted in the camera with the Battery Slide attached which enables hot-swapping of batteries.

Battery Slide Pro for FX6
Battery Slide Pro for FX6. Source: Wooden Camera

The plate can be adjusted to sit in various positions, depending on your shooting style and camera rig. The plate features 3 P-Tap power outputs for accessories with a digital fuse which can cut off power to accessories but leaves the camera powered on in case of an overload.

Battery Slide interface for FX6
Battery Slide interface for FX6. Source: Wooden Camera

The Battery Slide Pro is available for V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries.

Unified Accessory Kits

Of course you can buy all these new accessories for the Sony FX6 independently but you can save some money when you buy one of the available Accessory Kits:

Sony FX6 Unified Accessory Kit (Pro, V-Mount)
Sony FX6 Unified Accessory Kit (Pro, V-Mount). Source: Wooden Camera

Price & Availability

All accessories are available for pre-order and will ship early February.

The price for the Top Plate is $195.00, the Unified Baseplate costs $499.00 and the E-Mount to PL Mount Pro Adapter costs $499.00. The Battery Slide Pro V-Mount and Gold Mount both retail for $399.00 each.

The FX6 Unified Accessory Kits cost $794.00 (Base), $974.00 (Advanced), $1,473.00 (Pro, V-Mount), $1,473.00 (Pro, Gold Mount).

Do you own Wooden Camera accessories and have an opinion to share? Are you planning on buying a Sony FX6 and are considering Wooden Camera accessories? Feel free to share your opinions and experiences in the comment section below.


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