X-tra Camera Battery on Kickstarter Offers Capacity Boost

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X-tra Camera Battery on Kickstarter Offers Capacity Boost

EDIT: February 11th. 2021. There are reports by Canonrumors and users in Kickstarter that this crowdfunding campaign is being a scam! We did participate in this campaign Kickbooster (An affiliate program) and we were contacted by Kickbooster themselves who were alerted too by the situation. As always, CineD does its’ best to look into EVERY exposed crowdfunding campaign and we have to admit that it all looked legit to start with. if you backed this project, we suggest contacting you payment provider you used for your pledge and file a dispute or request a refund. Strangely, the campaign is still running in Kickstarter and Indiegogo, so we will keep updating this article if we will have additional information.


X-tra camera battery is now available on Kickstarter and promises to offer a much higher capacity than regular battery packs. Currently, it is available for select Canon, Sony and Blackmagic Design cameras, offering a capacity of 3,700mAh, an LED charge level indicator, and a USB-C input/output port. The battery sticks out of the camera body and requires removing the battery door. It comes with a quick-charging case.

There never seems to be enough capacity in small in-camera batteries. You can ask any BMPCC 4K or 6K user. The creators of the X-tra battery are trying to tackle this issue. Their product promises to offer a much higher capacity than regular battery packs, but at a cost of larger dimensions. It has been popular on Kickstarter so far and there is still time to become the project’s supporter and get the battery, so let’s take a look at it.

X-tra Camera Battery

The X-tra battery offers a capacity of 3,700 mAh. There are currently two types available – Canon LP-E6 (for Canon and Blackmagic Design cameras) and Sony NP-FZ100 (for Sony cameras). The battery features a simple four-LED charge level indicator. It lights up after pressing and holding a small button next to it. This is helpful as with the small in-camera batteries, there is no way of knowing the charge level before putting them inside a camera or a charger otherwise.

The battery uses larger cells. Source: X-tra/Kickstarter

Another useful feature is the USB-C port on the X-tra battery. It can be used for direct charging and can therefore provide an extended (via power bank) or unlimited (via wall outlet) power source for cameras that don’t support this, otherwise. The USB-C port can also be used as an output for powering peripherals and accessories, like LED lights.

X-tra Camera Battery. Source: X-tra/Kickstarter

According to its creators, the X-tra battery is durable and stable in any environmental condition. The battery features ultra-low internal resistance to secure voltage stability. Furthermore, there is an integrated microchip to prevent overcharging and therefore extend the life of the battery. The body of the battery also features a release button.

Larger Body, Potential Issues

Because of the larger battery cells, the battery extends out of the camera body. This means, in order to use it, the battery doors have to be removed. On the one hand, the extended battery can provide a better grip for larger hands and the battery can also be swapped faster when the doors have been removed. On the other hand, the extended battery might get in the way when attaching a larger battery plate. It will also most likely prevent using a full cage with the camera. This is usually fine for photographers, but many filmmakers like or have to use a cage to mount their necessary accessories. A half cage might be an option here, however.

X-tra Camera Battery. Source: X-tra/Kickstarter

In the case of weather-sealed camera bodies, the battery door is an important piece, as it prevents moisture and dust from getting inside the body. The X-tra camera battery creators claim that their product preserves weather-sealing by having a 3M 360 Sealant on the battery body.

X-tra Camera Battery. Source: X-tra/Kickstarter

Fast Charging Case

Every X-tra camera battery comes with a fast-charging case, which serves two purposes – it can quick-charge the X-tra battery, and it can also be used as a USB-C power bank for any supported device.

The creators say that when the battery gets inserted in the case, the total capacity is 7,200 mAh. Somehow this does not sound right to me, as the case itself only weighs 28g as opposed to the X-tra battery itself weighing 110g.

Camera Compatibility

The battery is currently compatible with the following cameras from Canon, Sony and Blackmagic Design (Nikon compatibility is planned to come soon):

  • Canon: EOS R, EOS R5, EOS R6, 5D IV, 5D III, 5D II, 5Ds R, 5Ds, 6D, 6D II, 7D, 7D II, 90D, 80D, 70D, 60D
  • Sony: α7 III, α7R III, α7R IV, α7S III, α6600
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K/6K
  • Nikon: Z6, Z6 II, Z7, Z7 II, Z50, D500, D600, D610, D750, D780, D7000, D7100, D7200, D7500, D800, D800E, D810, D810A, D850, P520, P530, V1

Price and Availability

X-tra Camera Battery. Source: X-tra/Kickstarter

As mentioned above, the X-tra camera battery is currently available on Kickstarter. The project has already been successfully funded and there is still time until December 19th 2020 to pledge and get one of the rewards:

  • $99 for one battery with charging case
  • $188 for two batteries with charging cases
  • $267 for three batteries with charging cases
  • $435 for five batteries with charging cases
  • $850 for ten batteries with charging cases

The Kickstarter rewards are planned to start shipping in March 2021. The full retail price should be $145.

We are saying this at the end of every crowdfunding-related article: please be aware of the risks when backing a project on a crowdfunding platform. Please read the crowdfunding platform’s terms and conditions carefully and keep in mind that there can be significant delays when delivering the product. Some projects even don’t get delivered at all.

What do you think about the X-tra camera battery? Do you see yourself using it with your camera? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.


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