Accsoon SEE App v1.5.0 for iOS Released – Create and Share Vertical Videos Instantly

Accsoon SEE App v1.5.0 for iOS Released - Create and Share Vertical Videos Instantly

Accsoon has announced the release of the Accsoon SEE app v1.5.0 for iOS. This version introduces a significant new feature: the ability to create and share vertical videos directly to social media platforms when using a mirrorless camera. Let’s look at all the features offered in this latest version.

Known for its wireless video transmission and mobile monitoring solutions like the SeeMo 4K adapter and CineView 2 transmitter), Accsoon released their SEE app in 2022 for iPhones and iPads. Since then, they’ve been continually improving the app. This version has some new features that should make content creators, as well as professionals who use the app, very happy. In a nutshell, videos recorded with the app can be rotated vertically to be shared on social media or uploaded to in an instant. Have a look at their introductory video.

Key features

  • Create vertical videos for social media with mirrorless cameras more easily.
  • Ensure proper orientation of vertical videos on-the-go using SeeMo, SeeMo 4K, and SeeMo Pro SDI.
  • The new interface supports both vertical and horizontal orientation.
  • Videos recorded with the app are immediately rotated correctly for sharing in the vertical format.
  • Upload videos to with the correct orientation.
SEE app vertical with menu. Source: Accsoon

New user interface

The interface has been completely redesigned and can operate either vertically or horizontally. Users switch between modes with a button – the interface adjusts accordingly to display menus and controls correctly.

Live streaming

The vertical live streaming feature has finally been introduced, something that was heavily requested by users. The update gives users the ability to ensure the correct orientation of vertical videos in real time – view, record, share, and stream when using SeeMo, SeeMo 4K, and SeeMo Pro SDI adapters. Users can stream vertical video to video streaming platforms like YouTube, as well as professional corporate live video.

A redesigned interface. Source: Accsoon

All existing functions available in vertical mode

In addition, all the existing functions of the SEE app can be used in vertical mode. For example, users can record lightweight H.264 video files from the camera directly to an iPhone or iPad for immediate sharing in the correct vertical orientation.

Vertical UI on iPhone. Source: Accsoon

Direct upload to

The updated SEE app also supports direct uploads to in the correct orientation. This should streamline the workflow for professionals using for collaborative video production and review, making sure that videos are immediately ready for viewing and feedback.

Vertical shooting enabled. Source: Accsoon

Low latency

Finally, the SeeMo HDMI and SeeMo Pro SDI connect to your iOS device via Lightning or USB-C cable. A hard-wired connection together with the optimized SEE app results in very low latency, making the SeeMo HDMI, SeeMo 4K, and SeeMo Pro SDI excellent for critical monitoring applications.

Price and availability

The Accsoon SEE app for iOS v1.5.0 is free to download and available now from the app store. If the idea of shooting vertically inspires you, the price of the SeeMo 4K HDMI is $179, and the SeeMo Pro SDI is $271. For more information on the Accsoon SeeMo, check out their website.

What do you think about the possibility of shooting vertically with SeeMo? Is this something you’ve been waiting for? Let us know in the comments!

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