Accsoon SeeMo 4K HDMI Adapter Introduced – Turns iPhones/iPads into On-Camera Monitors with 4K Streaming

Accsoon SeeMo 4K HDMI Adapter Introduced -  Turns iPhones/iPads into On-Camera Monitors with 4K Streaming

Accsoon has broadened their range of on-camera monitoring solutions for iOS devices with the introduction of the SeeMo 4K HDMI adapter. Lightweight 4K (20Mbps VBR) can be recorded directly to the device camera roll, along with 4K UHD live streaming to popular platforms. In addition, the UHD 4K input provides higher resolution for more precise, critical focus checking when zooming in, a vertical video mode, SRT for live-streaming, LUT burning-in, and more. Let’s look at the details!

Building on the success of the original HD SeeMo, this new model introduces UHD 4K HDMI input. The original SeeMo adapter was introduced in 2022 (here’s our video review in case you missed it) with the SeeMo Pro following in 2023, which offered some significant changes and additions. Now, the newly released SeeMo 4K has been introduced, which can transform iPhones (iPhone 8 and later) and iPads into high-resolution on-camera monitors that support 4K streaming capabilities. Integration is straightforward: connect the SeeMo 4K to the camera via HDMI, attach your iOS device using the included Lightning or USB-C cable, and launch the Accsoon SEE app.

Accsoon SeeMo 4K
Directly live stream high-res video to social platforms. Source: Accsoon

4K streaming – streamlined

The SeeMo 4K simplifies live streaming workflows. Users can directly stream high-resolution video to social platforms like YouTube and TikTok using a 4K camera, the SeeMo 4K, and an iPhone. The adapter runs on a Sony NP-F type battery that can also charge your iPhone or iPad when connected. There is also an additional USB-C output so low-power USB devices like mics can be powered as well.

Accsoon SeeMo 4K
Connecting camera to SeeMo 4K to iPhone/iPad. Source: Accsoon

Here’s the breakdown

The SeeMo 4K is compact, lightweight, and can be carried in your pocket or a bag. It serves as a link between your camera (HDMI output) and iPhone (Accsoon SEE app), enabling professional monitoring, recording, and live streaming. The SeeMo 4K accepts 2160p at 23.98/24/25/29.97/30fps, 1080p up to 60fps, and 720p up to 60fps. The app displays a low latency image closely matching traditional monitors. 

The unit has an SD card reader that lets you transfer photos, videos, and other files to and from a USB-C iOS device. Please note that videos cannot be directly recorded to the SD card from the SeeMo 4K – it is for transfer purposes only.

The adapter runs on an NP-F battery. Source: Accsoon

Recordings are captured in H.264 format at up to 20 Mbps and saved directly to your iPhone’s camera roll. They can then be shared or backed up using email or various apps, including WhatsApp, iMessage, Airdrop, and more. The connection cable between SeeMo 4K and iPhone provides uninterrupted internet access and keeps Wi-Fi and data free for streaming and uploading content, separate from the video signal.

Connecting SeeMo 4K to the camera. Source: Accsoon

SEE App updates

The latest version of the SEE App has several important new features:

  • 90-degree, 180-degree, or 270-degree video rotation for recording and streaming – helpful for social media users who want vertical video options.
  • The ability to ‘burn’ a custom LUT to Log-encoded footage before recording or streaming from your iOS device.
  • A secondary calibration LUT can be loaded for viewing purposes for those with access to high-end calibration equipment, giving them the most precise color accuracy possible on their iOS devices. (This operates independently of any creative LUTs you might be using.)
  • SRT protocol has been added for advanced users seeking higher quality, low-latency video streams.
Connecting to the SeeMo 4K. Source: Accsoon

The specs

Price and Availability

The SeeMo 4K is priced at $179 and will be available to purchase from authorized Accsoon dealers in April 2024. For more information and to compare the various SeeMo models, have a look at their website.

Do you see some new doors opening with this SeeMo 4K adapter? Do you own any of the other SeeMo devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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