Accsoon, Camera-to-Cloud Collaboration: SeeMo Enables HD File Uploads from iPhone and iPad for Remote Editing

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Accsoon, Camera-to-Cloud Collaboration: SeeMo Enables HD File Uploads from iPhone and iPad for Remote Editing

Accsoon has launched their SeeMo and SeeMo Pro devices at IBC 2023 that connect any HDMI and SDI-capable cameras directly to Frame IO’s Camera-to-cloud workflow. iPhones and iPads act as the monitoring, recording, and means of distribution. Let’s look at the details.

If you have an iPhone 8 or later, or an iPad 6th generation or iPad Pro, you can connect it to the SeeMo hub. Any camera with a clean HDMI feed will then use the iPhone or iPad screen as a monitor while it runs SeeMo’s app. Clips are recorded to the iOS device at up to 1080/60P and encoded in h.264 at up to 30Mbps.

The SeeMo's cradle can power the iPhone while shooting
The SeeMo’s cradle can power the iPhone while shooting. Image credit: Accsoon.

You don’t have to use a camera for your source, as any HDMI source can send footage this way, whether it’s a computer or an HD player. You can also use game consoles, video decks, and output from video switchers. 

Accsoon’s SeeMo connects to the iOS device via a Lightning cable, or USB-C in the case of the iPhone 15, and uses its data connections to send the files. SeeMo will also power the iPhone and iPad while in the cradle.

The advantage of SeeMo

If you have a camera with a clean HDMI feed, then SeeMo can take what could be broadcast-quality footage, albeit HD, and use whatever data coverage the iPhone has to deliver it to Frame IO for craft editing. SeeMo Pro offers SDI connections, including output, to their CineView SE to send files via its 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-Band delivery. But that method is limited to a maximum range of 1200ft line-of-sight.

SeeMo’s app can also use RTMP to connect to video streaming sites, including Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube.

The See app offers a number of pro features
The See app offers a number of pro features. Image credit: Accsoon.

SeeMo’s app

SeeMo’s free app, SEE, offers features similar to Blackmagic’s new free product, as well as paid apps like Moment Pro and FiLMic Pro 4k. The SeeMo app features include focus peaking, pinch-to-magnify, image-flip, waveforms, audio level meters, and false color. 

Interestingly, you can already use the FiLMic 4K app to send files to Frame IO Camera-to-cloud workflow from inside the software. But you can only send footage shot on the iPhone that carries the app.

Basic requirements to use SeeMo’s new products:

● An Accsoon See Mo or SeeMo Pro device

● A supported iOS device (iPhone 8 or newer; iPad 6th generation or newer; iPad Pro 9.7inch, iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iPad Pro 11 inch, iPad Pro 12.9 inch; iPad Air 3rd generation or newer; iPad Mini 5th generation or newer)

● Accsoon SEE iOS app installed on an iOS device

● HDMI or SDI cable*

● NP-F battery or power source

● A connection to the Internet (Wi-Fi or cellular)

● A account with permission to add cloud devices to projects

● A project with C2C Connections enabled

*Only the SeeMo Pro supports SDI video

The SeeMo and SeeMo Pro take HDMI and SDI feeds from broadcast cameras
The SeeMo and SeeMo Pro take HDMI and SDI feeds from broadcast cameras. Image credit: Accsoon.


This broadcast setup could benefit citizen journalists or even travel vloggers who can stream where they are or need to publish their stories on social media channels.

You could even attach a bonded cellular rig to SeeMo’s system if you want a more reliable way to send your footage, but maybe that’s overkill for a product that should have a small footprint and be simple to use.

See more on Accsoon’s website.

In the comments section below, let us know how you could use SeeMo’s iOS-based recording/monitoring/distribution system.

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