Atomos Unveils Shogun Monitor-Recorders Featuring 7″ Screens Alongside AtomOS 11

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At IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, we caught up with Atomos to talk about their new Shogun and Shogun Ultra monitors-recorders. Paul Scurell also explained Atomos Edit camera-to-cloud option to us, as well as RemoteView and more features of the new AtomOS 11 operating system.

Atomos released a lot of new products in 2023, starting with new Ninja and Ninja Ultra monitors-recorders. With the introduction of these two 5″ devices, the new AtomOS 11 operating system was also rolled out. At IBC 2023, new Shogun and Shogun Ultra devices with 7″ screens were released, so we decided to sit down with Atomos and learn more about these products’ updates.

Now you can basically choose between devices with 5” (Ninja) and 7” (Shogun) screens and select the regular or Ultra variants, depending on how much performance you need in terms of possible recording resolution and framerates.

Atomos Shogun & Shogun Ultra 7″ monitor-recorder

The latest products from Atomos are the Shogun and Shogun Ultra. Both devices can record ProRes RAW over HDMI, with the Shogun being limited to 4K30p and the Shogun Ultra maxing out at 8K30p.

Atomos Shogun and Shogun Ultra. Image Credit: Atomos

The Shogun Ultra can also record ProRes RAW in up to 4K60p and 1080 H.265 proxies simultaneously. Record triggers from ARRI, RED, and Canon cameras, timecode sync, and file name sync are only supported by the Shogun Ultra.

Additionally, you can still record ProRes, DNxHD, and H.265, as you could with the previous Shogun 7 and Ninja V, without the need for extra licenses.

Combining the new hardware with AtomOS 11, the new Shogun and Shogun Ultra models feel a lot faster than older models.

Atomos Edit Camera-to-cloud Camera-to-cloud on Atomos recorders has been extremely popular and you can now choose between 3 different cloud solutions:

Atomos Cloud Studio screen on Shogun
Atomos Cloud Studio splash screen on Shogun. Image credit: CineD

Atomos Edit is based on the previously announced Atomos Cloud Studio. Atomos Edit operates within your browser and displays clips recorded with a connected Atomos recorder shortly after the recording stops. Using progressive upload technology, your files start uploading to Atomos Cloud Studio while you are recording. As soon as you stop, your video file will finish uploading and show up in Atomos Edit shortly thereafter. This is great news for creatives recording long clips like interviews or live events.

An extension for Premiere Pro was also just released during IBC, which gives you access to your clips directly within Premiere Pro.


One of the latest features in AtomOS 11 is RemoteView, which allows you to share up to 4 camera inputs from any Atomos-connected devices over the internet. Inside a RemoteView session, you can root the 4 camera inputs in quad split/side-by-side/picture-in-picture configurations and send them to 4 different destinations through the web browser.

Atomos Ninja connected to a camera and sending a signal to a second atomos connect device wirelessly
You can send up to 4 inputs from one Atomos-connected device to another over the internet. Image credit: Atomos

A client can then view your RemoteView mix on any AtomOS-connected hardware (like a Ninja or Shogun) and can even loop the signal through the built-in HDMI or SDI output. On the client device, watermarks, labels, and even overlays can be added to each input.

New AtomOS 11 features

Introduced with AtomOS 11 were new Record Assist and Playback Assist features, which let you set up a record schedule. You can create a countdown timer or trigger timer to start recording at a specific time for either recording or playback. This is great for recording scenes where physical access to your devices isn’t possible, such as rocket launches, pyrotechnic displays, or even time-lapses.

EL Zone false color on Atomos Shogun
EL Zone false color is now available in AtomOS 11. Image credit: CineD

You can set the traditional Atomos false color, as well as the newly added ARRI false color and even the very popular EL Zone variant is available.

Price and AtomOS 11 compatibility

The Atomos Shogun is available for $999 / €1192.90 and the Shogun Ultra for $1199 / €1398.75.

AtomOS 11 is compatible with the following devices:

  • Atomos Shogun Ultra
  • Atomos Shogun
  • Atomos Ninja Ultra
  • Atomos Ninja

You can find more details about Atomos products on the manufacturer’s website.

What is the last Atomos product you used or purchased? What do you think about the new Shogun and Shogun Ultra devices? Are you using Atomos devices for Camera-to-cloud? We are curious to hear your opinions! Let us know your experiences in the comments below!


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