Sony’s New Creators’ Cloud Service Explained

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Back in September 2022, Sony launched its cloud production platform Creators’ Cloud which includes online creative collaboration and content management service. Originally designed for professionals and enterprise users as a paid version, Sony’s Creators’ Cloud is now open to individuals and small teams, mostly for free. Furthermore, there are a number of useful applications for the content creator, especially if you have a Sony camera. Let’s take a closer look!

We’re at CP+ and had the chance to talk to Sony’s Hiroyuki Tachikawa-san about why they decided to now open their Creators’ Cloud service to individuals and what it offers.

The service promises uploads of your stills and video with what Sony is calling a ‘pre-editing’ service which is powered by AI. Other apps offer collaborative services and content management.

Sony sees cloud-based applications as fundamental tools in production and wants the service to become a unique space for creators. Like other cloud collaboration services, such as and ATOMOS Connect, Sony’s service is looking to extend the camera and shooting into the cloud through almost instant video and stills uploads. They also want the service to become a hub for learning, collaboration, and ultimately business.

The Sony Creators’ Cloud App. Source: Sony

Drilling down into the features

The new Creators’ Cloud platform includes:

  • Creators’ App, a content transfer application from camera to cloud (At launch the App will be available for Sony ZV-1F and Sony α7 IV)
  • Cloud storage (5GB free storage to all registered users. 25GB storage for users of selected Sony cameras, and, paid storage upgrade to 100 or 500GB)
  • Master Cut (Beta), an online video pre-editing service will offer the following:
  1. Image stabilization using essential metadata
  2. Reduced sound noise and optimized audio level through sound source separation
  3. Multi-device access through synchronization in the cloud
  4. Automatic grouping of similar clips through image analysis

At the time of launch, this service will be offered free of charge

  • Discover, is a new community for creators to post their own content, and discover and connect with others. User profiles and portfolios of selected content can be shared. Images and videos will include information about the camera operator’s location, camera and lens models, settings, and genre. 
Master Cut (Beta). Source: Sony

The new service is open now but Sony says they will roll out the availability of Creators’ App, Cloud Storage, Master Cut (Beta), and Discover progressively in Asia Pacific and the rest of the world, so the availability of services will vary by region and country.

For Sony’s Creators’ Cloud Registration page please click here.

Will you be signing up for the new Sony Cloud Creator’s service? Let us know what you think and what your experience is like if you’re a signee.

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