Befree 3-Way Live Advanced – New Travel Tripod from Manfrotto

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Befree 3-Way Live Advanced - New Travel Tripod from Manfrotto

Manfrotto newly introduced the Befree 3-Way Live Advanced to their extensive tripod line. This travel tripod comes with a foldable 3-way fluid head, promising smooth, versatile and precise movements with compact, mirrorless, or DSLR cameras. It targets both the stills photography and videography market, focusing on capturing travel experiences and interesting for jobs were movability is vital. Additionally, it may be attractive for everyone, just like amateurs and hobbyists who are looking at a modestly priced higher-quality all-in-one tripod solution.

Befree 3-Way Live Advanced – Technical Details

Of course, handling and practical application are at the heart and soul of every gear, such as tripods. Such hands-on information is also highly individual and will vary from operator to operator. Since practical insights were not yet available, here are the highlights and specifics that define the overall product. The Befree 3-Way Live Advanced comes with the high-grade Befree Fluid Drag System. According to Manfrotto, this drag system serves very smooth and adequately to precisely adjust horizontal and vertical movements (pan/tilt), while offering accuracy, stability, and full controllability at the same time.

The fluid drag system of the Befree 3-Way Live Advanced
Befree 3-Way Live Advanced – Fluid Drag System Close-Up (Credits: Manfrotto/Rachid)

Operational Environment

According to the manufacturer, the tripod will function well and with high stability while the fluidity is not affected, even under harsh environment temperatures from -30°C to +70°C. In more feasible terms, this would cover the entire range from currently typical nighttime temperatures in Jan/Feb in many parts of the Arctic to hotter than the hottest ever measured temperatures in recognized scientific weather stations on earth since the beginning of the recordings (e.g. 56,7°C, Death Valley, California, USA, 10th of July, 1913 or 58°C, Modern-day Libya, 13th of September, 1922; Source: World Meteorological Organization).

Payload, Attachments & Compactness

The tripod has a unique approach and handles that are completely foldable. Besides, the stand and head will carry your equipped cameras up to a 6kg payload. At the same time, the head carries the 200PL-PRO plate and fits with Arca-Swiss type head attachments and the Manfrotto RC2. Additionally, the plate-holder combines well with the widely-used and cheaply available 501PL video plate.

Shooting smart and easily at the beach with the compact Befree 3-Way Live Advanced from Manfrotto
Befree 3-Way Live Advanced – Sunset Shot at the Beach (Credits: Manfrotto/Rachid)

Legs, Locks & Spider

How to lock the legs of tripods has become a whole science in itself nowadays. Thus, Manfrotto offers their “QPL Travel lever leg locking system” with this tripod as a profound solution to their target filmmakers’ needs, making height changes safe and swift. To ergonomically adjust the tripod, the respective leg-angle selector of the stand is surely usable for left- and right-handed applications. The solution thereby offers three distinctive leg angle choices.

How fast and without complications a spider is mounted to or untangled from a tripod is another significant feature. Thus Manfrotto includes their Easy Link, which readers might be aware of from Manfrotto’s 190 & 055 pro tripods.

Befree 3-Way Live Advanced – Aims & Ambition

Summing it up, the Befree 3-Way Live Advanced seems to be in line with filmmaking and photography expectations of a compact and lightweight solution for high performance with smaller-sized cameras. The claim is to combine a convenient setup-process with the stability of operation and compactness of transport for uncomplicated portability.

Sunset at Travel Location Mood Picture (Credits: Manfrotto/Rachid)

Travelers could like it a lot! What do you think? Have you been waiting for such a tripod type? What are your expectations of a suitable sturdy and compact travel tripod?


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