B&H Bild Expo 2023 in New York – Celebrating Creativity with World-Class Speakers

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B&H Bild Expo 2023 in New York – Celebrating Creativity with World-Class Speakers

Our friends at B&H are putting on a big show, and a totally new one. The free event is called “Bild Expo”, and it’s celebrating creativity in photo, video, and audio. It’s taking place September 6-7, 2023, at the Javits Center in New York City, and they are bringing an incredible roster of world-class speakers to the show, alongside some really great experiences for creators. Let’s take a closer look!

If that isn’t a sign that the pandemic days are REALLY over, I don’t know what is – B&H decided to launch a completely new (possibly annual) and free event for creatives from the photo, video, and audio industries.

They call it “Bild Expo” (“Bild” is German & Yiddish for “image”), and that is a great and simple name for what it aims to be: a gathering of (moving) image and audio creators featuring dozens of truly world-renowned speakers, a number of really innovative experiences fostering creativity and strengthening creators’ portfolios, and exhibits from manufacturers. Let’s take a quick look at some of the speakers first.

Casey Neistat, Art Wolfe, Flo Ngala among speakers at Bild Expo 2023

It surely seems like B&H has been doing an amazing job at assembling a great lineup of speakers for this year’s Bild Expo.

Casey Neistat, Flo Ngala, and Art Wolfe are part of an impressive speaker lineup at Bild Expo 2023. Image credit: B&H / personal.

Casey Neistat – YouTuber extraordinaire

He probably needs no introduction, but Casey Neistat, who really is a YouTube legend, has found his creative juices again since he moved back to New York City. His creative process is quite unique and his style has become so popular that it has been copied by countless others, and is now often considered the “vlogging style” of YouTube in general. He’s talking about “The Art of Vlogging & The Future of Video Content Creation”, which sounds quite broad; but knowing his talks, it will surely be eye-opening and personal.

Art Wolfe, landscape and wildlife photographer

Art Wolfe is best known for his work on wildlife, landscape, and native culture photography. Having been in the industry for 5 decades, his work has been featured many times by every major publication in the field. Art is giving three talks about shooting wildlife, pathways to creativity, and more at Bild Expo.

If you are interested in wildlife cinematography, be sure to also check out the free course we just launched together with the American Society of Cinematographers on MZed. In our ASC Wildlife Cinematography course, students are led by the experienced guidance of Paul Atkins ASC and Stephen Lighthill ASC, delving into the ins and outs of wildlife cinematography through an extensive 4-hour program. You can learn much more about the course here and access it for free (just register for a free account on the site).

Flo Ngala – fashion photographer

Flo Ngala has had an impressive early career as a fashion photographer, and her commercial, editorial, and news work include clients like Apple, Nike, Vogue, and the New York Times. At Bild Expo, she will be doing portfolio reviews for fashion (pretty cool to have her review your portfolio!) and will give a talk on “How to Hustle and Flow with Fashion Photography”.

“Experiences” at Bild Expo 2023

Now, it’s clear that B&H had a different intention beyond organizing another gear show (we have enough of those, and you are in the right place at CineD to see coverage of them!), but rather something that is more of an educational event for creatives. As such, it’s nice to see that there is a range of activities that involve visitors creatively. For example, there are portfolio reviews by professionals (such as Flo Ngala as mentioned above), which provides invaluable feedback for anyone seeking opportunities in the creative field, as well as photo walks through NYC (there’s hardly a more “photogenic” city out there), a camera museum, a Kodak 16mm film workshop, and more. They are also putting on a couple of challenges and plan to have some great deals for gear during the show (we will report about those for sure).

Attendance & signup for Bild Expo 2023 is free

I’d be the first on a plane to New York to attend Bild Expo 2023 if I didn’t have another manufacturer event to attend in London at the same time, but we really recommend attending if you can make it – it sounds like they are putting on something quite special. I look forward to attending future versions of Bild Expo for sure. You can sign up for free on their website.

What do you think about Bild Expo 2023? Will you attend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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