Cinevate Hedron Slider Review

The Hedron is a new line of Cinevate camera sliders, available in four lengths from 2 to 5 foot. With a payload of 100lbs this is a heavyweight slider, I was sent the 3 foot version to check out and review.

Crafted from CNC aluminium and lighter than Cinevates Atlas 10 slider at respective lengths, the Hedron ships with all terrain adjustable legs and anti-scratch feet.

It’s compatible with Moco systems for motion control, and a counterweight for vertical slides, but the most exciting optional extra is the flywheel.

This is quite a unique feature of the Hedron, it attaches to the carriage via belt. The weight of the flywheel builds momentum as the carriage moves, providing a smoother and more consistent slide.


Strong, sturdy build with huge max payload

Flywheel produces very smooth slides

Fantastic bag and rail rubbers


Bounced with under heavy load when unsupported

Flywheel takes time to setup

Cinevate Hedron

I really enjoyed using the Cinevate Hedron, I can’t speak highly enough of the flywheel, it really does well in smoothing out human error. Cinevate market this as the one take wonder slider, and you can really see why. Just make sure you buy a bag that’s big enough to house the lot. Removing the flywheel after every shoot is cumbersome.

The size and weight was a little over board for my style of shooting, but this was good grounds for the review as it proved that this large heavyweight slider can be manoeuvred quickly and efficiently, and operable from one sturdy tripod.

Equipment used for review:

Sony A7S
Canon C100 mark I
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 II L
Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro L
Canon 24-105mm f/4 IS
Sachtler Cine DSLR Head (now discontinued, FSB 8 next best thing)
Miller Solo CF legs
Rode NTG 3

Music: The Music Bed, “Two by Analog Heart”

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