COMICA Traxshot – Adjustable Shotgun Microphone Announced

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COMICA Traxshot - Adjustable Shotgun Microphone Announced

COMICA Traxshot is a new shotgun microphone that features rotatable capsules to adjust its characteristics for different sound sources – mono, 30° stereo, 90° stereo or bi-directional. The microphone further features an IPS display, built-in battery, gain control, shock-absorption mount, LCF, and wind reduction design.

The Chinese audio equipment manufacturer COMICA (Shenzhen Commlite Technology) has been quite active last year. The company introduced a variety of new products, for example, the COMICA BoomX-U UHF dual wireless microphone system (you can see our review here). Now they are announcing a new on-camera shotgun microphone called Traxshot which should offer adjustable characteristics. Let’s take a short look at it.

COMICA Traxshot

According to COMICA, Traxshot is a super-cardioid shotgun mic. It features an interesting form factor – there are two microphone capsules that can be rotated. That way, the microphone can offer different characteristics depending on the type and position of the audio source you want to capture:

  • Mono – Both capsules aim forward next to each other.
  • 30° Stereo – The capsules aim forward at a 30° angle
  • 90° Stereo – The capsules aim forward at a 90° angle
  • Bi-directional – One capsule aims forward and the other one backward

Both capsules sit on the base of the microphone. This further includes an IPS display with visual power and sound pickup mode indicators. There is also a stepless gain knob, on/off, and mode buttons. The microphone includes a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

Traxshot – Adjustable Characteristics. Source: COMICA

When it comes to connectivity, COMICA Traxshot has a USB-C interface for firmware upgrade and charging and a 3.5mm jack for audio output. It can be used both with cameras or smartphones. The microphone offers real-time monitoring and LCF (low-cut filter).

As COMICA states, the microphone body features full metal construction. The weight of the whole device is 4.59oz (130g) and the dimensions are 4.8 x 2.6 x 2.4″ (122 x 65 x 62mm). The microphone features an air-float shock-absorption design and can be mounted on a cold shoe.

COMICA further claims that the microphone has an internal windproof design to reduce basic wind noise. There is also supposed to be a high-density wind muff to filter the high-level wind noise.

Price and Availability

The microphone is currently available for preordering at B&H for USD 179

What do you think about the COMICA Traxshot microphone? Do you think this adjustable design is the way to go? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.


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