CVP Covers Duties on EU Shipments – Jon Fry on Brexit

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CVP, our UK-based site sponsor, announced that it will pay all the duties on orders from the EU over £1000 for a limited time, and they are working on a long-term solution so ordering from the CVP into the EU remains simple and affordable. We talked to CVP Sales Director and co-owner Jon Fry.

CVP has been a long-term partner for CineD

For many years, CVP (of course alongside B&H) have sponsored our content. With the support of the retailers B&H and CVP, we are able to produce unbiased reviews of gear that are not dependent on any type of sponsorship from manufacturers. They sell everything, so they don’t have an agenda, and in return for the sponsorship we use their affiliate links below and inside our articles. (In fact, there are many thousands of links from pointing to their product pages.)

We get a small commission from every purchase and you don’t pay any more than you would if you ordered directly from their site. So it really is a win-win-win for all three sides. (To learn more about our principles, read this.)

CineD is a EU-based business (in Austria), and we were sorry to see our UK friends go. But CVP tries to make the best of it for their customers, as Jon Fry points out.

The Brexit challenges

Brexit has been looming over Europe for the last 4 years without concrete information of what it would actually mean in practice once enacted. Since the beginning of 2021, we unfortunately know that duties are in fact added to exports from the UK into the EU, if something is not produced in the UK itself. And of course that means that virtually all of the goods from a retailer like CVP will be eligible for import duties. CVP put up a page outlining the changes that will affect trading with the EU.

CVP’s solution: pay customer’s duties

CVP decided to cover the import duties at least for the time being, so customers can continue to shop with them for the time being. They are also working on a solution for beyond that date, and Jon mentions that eventually their customers won’t have to pay the VAT.

It’s nice to see CVP tackling the problem head-on. The EU flag next to their name in our product links might be outdated (we’ll come of with a solution to that), however it truly seems like they already have a solution in place for EU customers.

What 2021 will bring …

And if there is one thing that’s good about the last year, it’s how much brain power was invested in making digital tools and website functionality better – and it seems like CVP really did their homework there.

On a “personal” CineD note, we truly look forward to adding new features to the site soon that will also make our connections to B&H and CVP even more meaningful. :-) We’ve been working on this for a while. Stay tuned.

What do you think about CVP’s approach to the Brexit export/import problem? Have you ever ordered from CVP and do you plan to do so in the future? Let us know in the comments below.


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