DJI Care Refresh Adds “Flyaway Coverage”

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DJI Care Refresh Adds "Flyaway Coverage"

DJI now offers Care Refresh with a new “Flyaway Coverage” service for the Mavic Air 2 and DJI Mini 2. Losing drones in mid-air is potentially much less scary now than it was before.

Did you ever lose a drone due to a flyaway incident, crashlanding it into the ocean, plunging it into a lake, or nosediving it into a far-away rift beyond retrieval? Fortunately, none of this ever happened to me, but everyone flying frequently has probably at least come close to something like this. 

DJI Mavic Pro 2 Airborne with Cityscape Background (Credits: DJI)
DJI Mavic Pro 2 Airborne with Cityscape Background (Credits: DJI)

More confidence for pilots – Flyaway Coverage

No matter if you’ve bought your DJI Mini 2 or Mavic Air 2 and purchased DJI Care Refresh already or are looking to purchase these drones with coverage, DJI Care Refresh has your drones covered as the newest update on the 26th of January, 2021 clearly states. This additional coverage certainly means that you’ll be able to fly your drone with less stress, under lighter pressure, and ultimately with much more confidence – or that is at least the intention that DJI hopes to achieve for its customers. 

Replacement times & service cost

What does this service change mean in particular, though? If you lose your drone to any “flyaway”-type incident and cannot recover it, you should be eligible to order replacements according to the following chart. Prices may vary in different countries. It is also essential to know that DJI promises you’ll either get a replacement drone that is “brand new or equivalent to brand new in performance and reliability.” (DJI Store – DJI Care Refresh Launches Flyaway Coverage, 2021) 

So if you lose your drone, you may apply now, pay the appropriate fee (each time you lose the drone and wish to replace it), and continue aerial photography soon after that. Currently, three relevant options include Flyaway Coverage for your Mavic Air 2 or DJI Mini 2:

  • The 1-year plan of DJI Care Refresh covers two separate replacements. This choice includes a one-time usage of the “Flyaway Coverage” within that year.
  • As a second option, you may as well chose a 2-year plan that will have you covered for three replacements, which include two instances where you need “Flyaway Coverage.”
  • When you have DJI Care Refresh+, DJI will cover damage to your drone with one replacement option or “Flyaway Coverage” in your second year.
DJI Care Refresh - Accidental Damage & Flyaway Coverage Costs (US) (Credits: DJI)
DJI Care Refresh – Accidental Damage & Flyaway Coverage Costs (US) (Credits: DJI)

DJI Care Refresh – how to activate “Flyaway Coverage”?

To be eligible, you need to activate binding to your aircraft. The following two screenshots will serve as a guide to (1) bind the product to your account and then (2) also bind the new remote controller. The following description is valid for DJI Fly App 12.2 or above, which DJI requires for the coverage.

1) In the software, enter “Profile,” then go to “Device Management” and subsequently to “Account and Device,” where you lastly tap “Bind to Account” to complete.

DJI Care Refresh - Make Account Connection (Credits: DJI)
Make Account Connection (Credits: DJI)

2) Now also enter “Profile,” switch to “Device Management,” then “Value-added Service,” and then hit “Bind New RC” to include your RC as well.

DJI Care Refresh - Bind Remote Controller (Credits: DJI)
Bind Remote Controller (Credits: DJI)

Remember, you always need DJI Care Refresh for your drones to have coverage like this, and DJI’s terms and services will apply.

Link: DJI | featured image: unsplash

What do you think about the terms and conditions of the flyaway coverage service? How do you perceive this move by DJI? Share your experiences with DJI drones in the comments below!

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