Atomos Product Updates, Shogun, BareBones and Power Station

Atomos Product Updates, Shogun, BareBones and Power Station

Atomos ShogunAtomos has released a list of videos showcasing new features that users can expect in coming firmware upgrades as well as information on BareBones packages and their Power Station.

Updates for the Shogun include RAW, V210 and 4K DCI support. Pre-Roll, Timelapse and Anamorphic features as well as enabling Genlock and 3D LUT recording.

New Codec and Resolution Support

Since release of the Shogun we’ve been promised support of certain cameras. It seems we’re almost there now, with support for Arri Raw, Canon C300/500, and Sony FS7/FS700 all set to feature in upcoming updates.

In order to fulfil this list Atomos has also announced 4K DCI support. This means the Shogun will receive resolutions of 4096X2160 as well as previously supported 3840X2160 UltraHD.

For those seeking completely uncompressed information from a non-raw output can rejoice as V210 is now supported. V210 is a popular codec used throughout post production workflows, providing an uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2 image. Of course you are limited with what the camera can physically provide, but for the rare cases where you require absolutely no compression (Atomos uses greenscreen work as a credible scenario) this will be a useful feature.

Anamorphic Monitoring Support

Those who’ve used anamorphic lenses before will know, when using them your image appears squashed on screen. This feature stretches the image out and displays the correct aspect ratio on screen, but does not affect the recorded file.


A pre-roll function will be included the upcoming firmware update. With this feature enabled the Shogun will keep a constant cache of data allowing 2-3 seconds (when recording in 4K) or 8-10 seconds (when recording in FullHD) of extra footage prior to the point when you hit record.


Atomos has advanced the ability to “edit in-camera” on the Shogun. Playlists can now be constructed by selecting clips or parts of clips and playing them back on screen or using as an edit guide when in post. Atomos highlights some interesting examples of where this can be used:


Last of the completely new features is video Timelapse. Firmare 6.2 will enable you to capture a video timelapse by assigning the amount of frames, interval and durations of the clip. The Shogun will then simple capture this timelapse using the sustained the output of the camera.

It’s a great little feature to add to the recorder, but as a user of the device I can cast one caution – battery life; I’d recommend using AC power or a hot swappable system for heavy use like this to ensure you don’t run out of juice.

3D LUT recording and Genlock support

Imminent updates for the Shogun will include revisiting a few existing features. First up is support for Genlock. The Shogun was initially released with the hardware for this function, with the software side promised in a future release.

It looks as if it will come in the very next update, enabling users to sync multiple cameras to the frame quickly and simply.

Firmware version 6.2 brought 3D LUT viewing support for the Shogun, the next firmware update will allow the user to record any selected LUT also.

I can’t see myself using this, but some users may find it useful to record a pre-defined look as your recorded footage, particularly if you are working in a fast workflow with little or no time in post.

Atomos Shogun 1

Atomos has offered an overwhelming amount of free support and updates to the Shogun past the point of the initial release. It’s great to see this, in what has become a highly fast paced and almost disposable era of camera technology.

Judging by previous Atomos announcements, I wouldn’t expect all of these features to roll out in the very next firmware update. This is more a teaser of what to expect over the next few months from them.

As a keen user of the Atomos Shogun, one thing I’d love to see in an upcoming firmware is better power management for increased battery life.

The Shogun supports notoriously slow charging Sony NP-Fs natively and the recorder currently goes through them faster than they can be charged!

Atomos BareBones

News of this surfaced just prior to NAB 2015, Atomos has clarified the BareBones line with the above video from Jeromy Young.

If you’ve bought an Atomos recorder before, you’ll know it comes packed with a whole host of accessories (apart from the all important sun hood!). However there are regularly times (especially if you have multiple Atomos recorders already) where all you simply need is the recorder.

Atomos has acknowledged this and will be releasing their recorders at a cheaper price with just a soft case, AC adaptor and single hard drive caddy. 

The result is a $300 saving on the Atomos Shogun, and $200 saving on Ninja and Samurai Blade recorders. 

Pre-order BareBones links of each recorder below. Atomos will release accessory-only packages also if you require the reverse.

Atomos Shogun 4K Recorder BareBones

Atomos Samurai Blade SDI Recorder BareBones

Atomos Ninja Blade HDMI Recorder BareBones

Atomos Power Station

The Atomos PowerStation has been on the radar for some time and has been summed up here by Atomos CEO Jeromy Young.

Providing dual DC outs as well as dual USB ports the power station is as comfortable operating as a power source as it is a charger.

The Atomos PowerStation has two hot-swappable slots for Sony L-series batteries and is designed to not only power your recorder but your camera simultaneously.

Here’s the spec list:

  • Dual battery system
  • Compatible with Sony L-series batteries; optional adapters available for Nikon EN-EL15 or Canon LP-6 batteries
  • Batteries are hot-swappable
  • 1/4″-20 Camera screw
  • Dual DC power outputs provide 8.2 V, 5A power on DC input power, and 6.2 to 8.4 VDC on battery power
  • Splitter cable to powering two devices from single DC output
  • Optional DC adapter cables available for popular cameras
  • Dual 5V DC USB power outputs; charge a single high-powered 2A device or two 1A device
  • Independent 5-step battery level meters
  • Includes two 2600 mAh batteries
  • Works with Atomos monitor/recorders

Atomos PowerStationI can’t see this being of great use to Ninja and Samurai Blade users, both recorders offer dual battery slots and require little power consumption, the only advantage would be the ability to power your camera off the same device thus consolidating battery solutions.

This does open up some options for the Shogun however. The flagship 4K recorder only has one battery slot and is very power hungry; adding another two battery slots makes a huge difference and although Atomos don’t recommend it for critical use, it does enable hot swapping.

Two versions will be released the Atomos PowerStation – Photo and Video, the difference being the size of the two batteries supplied and $100 in price.


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