Fomex RollLite RL66-1200 – 6×6′ LED Fixture with 1,200W Power

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Fomex RollLite is a line of flexible bi-color waterproof LED lights. These lights offer high-quality light output and they can be combined together to create large “light walls”. The largest standard light is a 6×6′ panel with 1,200W (four 3×3′ panels combined together) controlled by a single controller. Fomex can deliver even larger custom panels combined from the RL33 – 9×9′, 12×12′ and so on. The lights are available now.

We first saw Fomex RollLite flexible bi-color waterproof LED lights at NAB 2019. Back in April, we interviewed Alex from Fomex and found out these lights are basically available in four sizes:

  • RL21 – 2×1′ size, 75W
  • RL31 – 3×1.5′ size, 100W or 150W
  • RL33 – 3×3′ size, 200W or 300W
  • RL66 – 6×6′ size (four pieces of the 3×3′ 300W panel combined together), 1,200W

At IBC 2019 we met again and talked a bit more about the largest standard Fomex RollLite – the RL66-1200, which consists of four RL33. Fomex is offering this light in a kit with a metal frame, diffusion, controller, and transport box.

Fomex RollLite RL66-1200

Fomex RL66 is a 6×6′ flexible waterproof LED panel with 1,200W of power. It can be packed in a relatively compact transport package. Fomex offers this light in a kit with all the parts included and packed in a compact transport box. The light is bi-color (2,700K to 6,500K) and waterproof with an IP64 certification. The CRI rating is 96 and the TLCI rating is 98. The beam angle of the lights is 120°.

Fomex RollLite RL66-1200 LED fixture – Backside. Image credit: cinema5D

It consists of four RL33-300 which are 3×3′ light panels with 300W of power. These are mounted together with locking pins (which are included in the RL66 package). The resulting 6×6′ light panel is then held together by a metal frame. The frame, when assembled, consists of two squares held together in a slight distance – one of these squares holds the light panels and the other holds a diffusion. As a result, the light is spread evenly on the whole 6×6′ surface.

The RL66 light can be controlled with only one controller. There is also a 4-in-1 XLR cable included in the package, which is made to control all four RL33 lights when they are mounted together in the metal frame. It is also possible to control four RL33 panels, which are not mounted together, with one controller by using four separate XLR cables. With the controller, we have the option to control all 4 lights together or each light panel separately. There are two knobs – one for temperature control and one for diming.

Controller for the Fomex RollLite RL66-1200 LED fixture. Image credit: cinema5D

There is a 48V DC input, so the light can be powered with a power cable or even with a battery (if it is powerful enough). We found out that 6×6′ is not the largest setup possible with flexible RollLite panels. Fomex can combine even a higher count of their RL33 – 3×3′ 300W panels to create extra powerful 9×9′, 12×12′ or even larger fixtures. These will, however, require more than one controller.

Price and Availability

All Fomex RollLite panels up to the size 6×6′ are available and in stock. The prices are more in the premium segment – one RL33-300 light panel costs just under €4,000 and the RL66-1200 complete kit costs around €12,600. For fixtures larger than 6×6′, Fomex would need about 5 weeks to make a custom metal frame and deliver the light. I believe the prices will probably position these lights more to rental houses.

What do you think about the Fomex RollLite LED panels? Do you work with such large LED fixtures on set? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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