Action Cam Guide – Which One Should I Buy?

GearGuides _ Action Cams 2023

Action cameras have been a mixed bag in the realm of (semi-)professional video. On the one hand, you get a very unique look and can capture otherwise impossible angles with such a camera. On the other hand, these tiny cameras often lacked adequate resolution, image quality and overall appealing results. Or do they still??

In this day and age, there are modern, “grown-up” action cams that not only have the strengths typical of this class of camera, but also offer a wide range of features and amazing image quality.

So the question is, which one should you buy? Well, as always, it depends. It depends on your specific use case, budget, and target market. Are you buying it as a main camera? As a crash cam? As a second (or third) camera for unique action shots like mountain biking or scuba diving? Here you will find a range of current and good action cams, all of which have their particular strengths.

The good thing is, these tiny cameras usually don’t cost a fortune, so you don’t need a refinancing plan to get started.

Here’s our overview of the best action cams in the market, both “traditional” and 360 cameras. And as you can see, GoPro, DJI and Insta360 dominate the scene.