Anamorphic Lenses

Question: The heart and soul of cinema? Answer: that anamorphic look! The “combination” of two focal lengths in just one lens is something you really can’t recreate with anything else, not in post, not with fishing lines that create fake blue streaks, not with anything. Only true anamorphic lenses can create that distinctive look of great cinema.

The good thing is that nowadays there are even some reasonably affordable options when it comes to anamorphic shooting. There are also different ratios because not every camera has a true 4:3 sensor, but a more modern 16:9 sensor. And a classic 2x anamorphic squeeze wouldn’t be the best pick for these sensors, as you’d be wasting sensor space.

If you are new to the world of anamorphic shooting, this category is for you. Here you will find some affordable anamorphic lenses, but also some uber-expensive models, just for kicks.