On-a-Budget Anamorphic Filming Kit

Filming with anamorphic lenses can at times “set you apart” from the crowd and help you avoid that “clean sharp look” found when working with most modern spherical lenses. BUT, working with a true anamorphic lens can become costly and consume some extra preparation time, especially when running and gunning.

Additionally, the amount of “lens squeeze” has a direct impact on the image look but unfortunately, the desired 2x lens squeeze is hard to find when a budget-friendly solution is required. As most of us are seeking an affordable solution, we are left with the option to film on a 1.33x lens squeeze either with a dedicated prime lens (SIRUI for example) or, use a front anamorphic lens attachment.

To my taste, the series of SIRUI lenses are indeed very affordable, yet, offering limited lens mount options. On top, their look is at times “too clean” and the blue light strikes look randomly. My preferred solution is the SLR Magic Anamorphot-40 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter (Compact), on a spherical lens. Added value for Run&Gun shooters: Autofocus can be used!