DropOff by Hedge Announced – A Web-Based File-Sharing App for Creative Workflows

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DropOff by Hedge Announced - A Web-Based File-Sharing App for Creative Workflows

Hedge has just introduced DropOff, a web-based file-sharing app for creative workflows that offers storage, security, and speed. The app allows users to send and receive files without incurring monthly fees, opting instead for a pay-per-GB model. Let’s take a look!

Hedge is a Dutch software company founded in 2016 and responsible for, among others, the Offshoot and Canister platforms. On this occasion, they have launched DropOff, a web-based file-sharing platform for creators. This app lets users send and receive files through their LucidLink Filespace.

DropOff at a glance

These are DropOff’s main characteristics:

  • Sending files. DropOff allows users to send files by creating a link for the specific files. This link gives direct access to the files without having access to the user’s LucidLink Filespace.
  • Receiving files. We can also create links to allow collaborators to send files that the users receive into their LucidLink Filespace set up in DropOff. As in the previous process, the sender has no direct access to the user’s Filespace.
DropOff has a clean interface to make things easy for the users. – Source: Hedge.
  • No monthly fees. Hedge decided not to charge via standing fees or periodic subscriptions. Aside from that, there are no file types, size limits, or expiration dates for the data sent or received. As an alternative, DropOff uses a flexible pay-per-GB model that is adaptable to the creators’ exact needs.

Although DropOff has a visually simple interface, Hedge ensures that the programming behind it integrates perfectly with LucidLink’s security measures. Hedge started this partnership with LucidLink after creating the PostLab Drive app. This collaboration means that DropOff currently works exclusively with LucidLink to receive files into Filespaces or share them via a secure DropOff location. New users must sign up for a LucidLink account or add their existing credentials. 

You will need to enter your LucidLink credentials when setting up DropOff. – Source: Hedge.

Price and availability

For new DropOff users, Hedge is offering 20GB for free so they can test the app. After that, they can top up at $0.50 per GB. You can sign up for DropOff here.  

As you will require a LucidLink Filespace when setting up, you can try LucidLink here for 14 days. After that, you have different options starting at $20. You can check them by visiting this link. 

What do you think about Hedge DropOff? Would you give it a try for sharing your projects? Let us know in the comments below!

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