Hedge OffShoot, OffShoot Solo, and OffShoot Pro Officially Released – Backup Footage Easily

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Hedge OffShoot, OffShoot Solo, and OffShoot Pro Officially Released - Backup Footage Easily

After months of beta-testing, Hedge has finally released not one but three versions of its Offshoot offloading camera media App: OffShoot, OffShoot Solo, and OffShoot Pro. The Solo version is for iPadOS, while the OffShoot and OffShoot Pro versions are compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. So let’s take a closer look at all of this software that safely backs up your camera footage and much more!

Hedge has been specializing in camera backup for over seven years and has released multiple versions of its software. In a nutshell, Hedge is an App that copies and verifies your precious memory cards and camera data. Then, you can make multiple backups, send footage to the Cloud, and, most importantly, safely format your memory card knowing that your footage has been copied without issues.

During NAB 2023, Hedge announced a significant change, along with adding many new features to their software: Hedge became OffShoot. More recently, at IBC 2023, we stopped by the Hedge booth to learn more about one of their new software versions, OffShoot Solo, which allows you to offload camera footage directly to an iPad. After months of beta-testing with filmmakers and content creators worldwide, Hedge has finally released the final versions of its Apps.

OffShoot Solo – features

Let’s start with OffShoot Solo, which is an iPadOS App compatible with the latest version: iPadOS 17. In a nutshell, if you have an iPad/iPad Pro with a USB Type-C port (or you can use an adapter), OffShoot Solo allows you to copy your footage directly to your mobile device. Furthermore, if you use a dongle or adapter on your iPad, you can copy footage from your media card directly to an external drive.

The OffShoot user interface
The OffShoot user interface. Image credit: Hedge

OffShoot and OffShoot Pro – features

The OffShoot App is essentially the result of seven years of in-house development, building on what Hedge was. This easy-to-use software for Windows and Mac computers allows you to perform speedy and secure data transfers, and it can verify each copy of the footage that you create. Additionally, there are several organizational features in place to help you maintain file tracking and ensure a streamlined workflow.

The old user interface is on the left, and the new user interface of OffShoot Pro is on the right
The old user interface is on the left, and the new user interface of OffShoot Pro is on the right. Image credit: Hedge

OffShoot Pro takes media management one step further and now integrates Amazon S3 so you can back up footage in the Cloud. Also, according to Hedge, OffShoot Pro “supports for scripting/API, and Codex Device Manager 7, which introduces compatibility for the latest ARRI Alexa camera formats.”

Lastly, Hedge also released a new App for iOS and Android devices called Connect 3. This App will notify you when a backup is complete, which can be handy for large-scale production shoots.

OffShoot pricing. Image credit: Hedge

Pricing and availability

All three versions of OffShoot are available now. OffShoot Solo retails for $49, OffShoot is $149, and OffShoot Pro is $249. I like that this is not subscription-based software, and the company improved its licensing system so you can install OffShoot on any number of machines; you’ll just have to deactivate licenses from devices not currently in use.

For more information, please visit Hedge’s website here.

Have you already used Hedge? What is your go-to software to back up your media cards? Have you ever had issues while backing up footage? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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