Hollyland Lark 150 – Dual Wireless Audio System Announced

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Hollyland Lark 150 - Dual Wireless Audio System Announced

Hollyland Lark 150 is a new dual wireless audio system with up to 100m reach and 5ms latency. The kit comes with two compact transmitters with lavalier mics included, one receiver, and a charging case.

After releasing a handful of wireless video transmission systems (like the MARS 400S) in recent years, the Chinese company Hollyland today announced its first wireless audio transmission system. Let’s see what the new Hollyland Lark 150 offers.

Hollyland Lark 150

The Lark 150 dual audio transmission system uses Power-On Smart Frequency Selection Feature and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS, 8000 times per second) to deliver up to 100m (unobstructed line of sight) stable wireless audio connection with less than 5ms latency. The system works on 2.4GHz AFH frequency bandwidth. According to Hollyland, the sound quality should be good thanks to DSP (digital signal processor) Intelligent Noise Cancellation.

The system offers three audio output modes – standard mono track, stereo track, and safety track. Safety track means that both channels get the same audio, but one gets it with 0dB and the other one with -6dB. This should protect against possible audio clipping. The reference audio input level is -65 dBV and the maximum input sound pressure level is 100dB SPL (1KHz @1m).

Lark 150 Kit with the Charging Case. Source: Hollyland

The Hollyland Lark 150 kit comes with one receiver unit, two transmitters, and a portable charging case. The case itself uses a USB-C connector for charging. When it comes to battery life, the transmitters should manage 4.5h each, the receiver up to 7.5h, and the charging case should be able to charge the whole kit 2.5x (charging time is 2 hours for the RX and 1.5 hours for TX). The pairing can be done in the case already and Hollyland says it is very quick (less than 3 seconds).

Lark 150 Transmitter. Source: Hollyland

The transmitters are fairly compact and their design reminds me of the RØDE Wireless Go. Each weighs only 21g with the dimensions of 37 x 37 x 17.5mm. They have a built-in omnidirectional microphone, one on/off button, two LED status lights, and a simple 3.5mm TRS input jack. Just like the Wireless GO, they can be attached to the talent’s clothing with a simple plastic clip.

Lark 150 Receiver. Source: Hollyland

The receiver is a bit larger (51g, 67 x 41 x 20.5mm) and features a cold shoe adapter for mounting. It has two gain knobs with a Mute feature – one for each channel. These can also change the channels. Between these knobs, there is a small screen for monitoring the sound and battery levels. On its sides, there are two 3.5mm jack outputs – one for headphones monitoring and the other one for the camera’s input jack.

Price and Availability

The retail price for the kit has been set to $329 (around €293 plus VAT in Europe). On top of the two transmitters, one receiver, and the charging case, the kit also contains two lavalier microphones, a furry windshield, one 3.5mm TRS cable, and a USB-A to USB-C cable.

What do you think about the Hollyland Lark 150? Do you often need two separate wireless audio channels for your work? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.


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