IBC 2011: LCDVFe – All you need to know about Kinotehnik’s EVF

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Tonis’ LCDVF viewfinder for dslrs was a very useful asset two years ago when hdslr filming started. This year his much anticipated digital version of a viewfinder will finally hit the market.

The housing of the LCDVFe could already be seen at NAB in April this year, but now for IBC Tonis had 3 actualy working models with him.

See the video above for a detailed walkthrough and introduction.

The most important things to say about this device are the following:
– very good 800×480 24bit screen
– hdmi loopthrough with audio
– endless features: peaking, zoom, autozoom, guides, markers, crop, anamorphic, etc…
– snappy due to high processing power (Altera Cyclone FPGA processor)
– very little delay (very very important!)
– 15mm rod- and hotshoe-mount included
– powered by 4AA batteries
– diopter adjustment -3 to +2

Testing the device I found it very usable and well made, great glass (screen size in front of your eye), little optical deformation, snappy menu and processor, very sharp image. I haven’t done extensive testing on EVFs, but I did like this device, used it for about 10 minutes.

Tonis says it will be available in large quantities in November.
And it will probably cost 650€ ($890)

Check the Kinotehnik website to preorder.

B&H has provided these exclusive phone numbers for you if you have questions or require assistance:
US: +1 877 502 5839 and INTERNATIONAL: +1 212 465 0114

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