Insta360 Titan – 11K Resolution for Cinematic VR Video

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Insta360 Titan - 11K Resolution for Cinematic VR Video

Insta360 just introduced their new high end VR 360 camera – the Insta360 Titan. It incorporates 8 micro four thirds cameras and can record up to 11K 10-bit cinematic VR video.

Insta360 has been one of the biggest innovators in the field of VR video for the past years. Today’s announcement just confirms their strong position. The company already released two high end VR cameras in the past with the Insta360 Pro and Insta360 Pro 2. The Pro line now officially becomes “high end of yesterday”. The freshly introduced Insta360 Titan takes VR content creation to the next level.

Insta360 Titan – 11K Resolution with 8 MFT Cameras

The new Insta360 Titan indeed incorporates eight camera modules with micro four thirds (MFT) sensors – the largest sensors in any standalone VR camera. Bigger sensors open up more possibilities in terms of image quality, dynamic range, lowlight performance and color depth. All of that is packed in quite a compact ball-shaped body known from Insta360’s Pro line of VR cameras.

Key shooting modes include 11K at 30fps, 10K 3D at 30fps, as well as 11K 360 photos in 3D and monoscopic formats. Additional shooting modes include 8K at 60 FPS and 5.3K 360 video at 120 FPS. Very good news is that Insta360 Titan supports shooting in 10-bit color depth for more flexibility in color grading.

Insta360 Titan front/back view. Source: Insta360

Insta360 Technology – FlowState, Farsight, CrystalView

The Titan uses Insta360’s signature onboard FlowState stabilization technology known from the latest consumer flagship, the Insta360 One X. From what I have seen so far, I have to say the results are very impressive and truly gimbal-like.

The new VR flagship camera comes standard with Insta360’s Farsight live monitoring system. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver that can be easily attached to a phone or tablet and it enables VR filmmakers to easily preview and control their shoots remotely.

CrystalView is Insta360’s proprietary playback tech which lets creators easily playback the VR content even in very high resolutions. It renders in real time exactly the part of a video a viewer is watching – with no computing power wasted on displaying what’s behind their head. Therefore even mainstream smartphones will be able to play back full-quality Titan content.

Insta360 Titan side/top view. Source: Insta360

The Insta360 Titan will have its premiere at the CES show in Las Vegas this week. If you are planning to go there, make sure to visit Insta360 booth (in Convention Center South Hall 1, at Booth No.21018).The company is now accepting reservations for the new VR beast. Shipping of the first batch (reservations) is planned for April 2019. The Insta360 Titan is priced at $14,999 USD and the reservation is confirmed with a fully refundable deposit.

What do you think of the new Insta360 Titan? Have you used Insta360’s Pro line of VR cameras? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.


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