RF Mount Conversion Kit for FUJINON MK Zooms by MTF Services

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RF Mount Conversion Kit for FUJINON MK Zooms by MTF Services

This new RF mount conversion kit allows both the FUJINON MK 18-55mm T2.9 and MK 50-135 T2.9 to play nicely with the RED Komodo or the Canon C70.

Canon’s RF mount might be a decent choice going forward but RF glass is quite expensive and most shooters still own a bunch of EF or E-Mount lenses. On the other hand, the popular FUJINON MK cine zooms only come in M4/3 or E-Mount variants (recently Duclos announced an RF Mount version, too).

So why not combining these two to get the best of both worlds? That’s exactly what MTF Services did: An RF Mount conversion kit for the FUJINON MK line of cine zooms. That way, your investment stays safe just a little bit longer.

RF Mount Conversion Kit
FUJINON MK 18-55mm T2.9 on RED Komodo. Image credit: MTF Services

MTF Services RF Mount Conversion Kit

Both FUJINON MK zooms cover Super35 sensors and guess what, both cameras, RED Komodo and Canon C70 sport a Super35mm sensor. Match!

Well, not so fast. The lenses come in either M4/3 or E-Mount variants, both cameras sport a Canon RF Mount. No Match! Enter MTF Services to get both of them married. The freshly announced RF Mount conversion kit consits of three parts: Replacement collar, MTF stainless steel RF mount and a light baffle. Addionally you’ll get some fixing screws and a fittting rear lens cap.

RF MOunt Conversion Kit
image credit: MTF Services

The precedure of swapping mounts is not exactly easy to do so you should let an authorised engineer do the heavy lifting. Good news is that the process is fully reversible, although continual exchanging of mounts is not recommended because of wear and tear. And why would you?

Everything will work as expected after the RF Mount is in place. The existing backfocus adjustment still works, as does the macro mode of the MK zoom lenses. Same smooth bokeh, same parfocal capabilities, virtually no focus breathing, everything is just as with the original mount.

Limitations in RED Komodo 17:9 Mode

One thing to note: Both FUJINON MK zoom lenses will cover both cameras sensors in 16:9 mode, no questions asked. However, RED Komodo also offers a 17:9 mode which is a tad wider. The FUJINON MK 50-135 T2.9 has no problems with it and neither does the MK 18-55 T2.9, until you reach a focal length of 20mm and below. In this scenario you will experience an increased amount of corner shading but only at very slow apertures. Check out the following chart for reference:

corner shading chart
Corner shading on the FUJINON MK 18-55 T.29 when in RED Komodo 17:9 mode. Image credit: MTF Services

In short, if you’re shooting at a focal length of 21mm and above and/or at an aperture of T8 or faster and you’re good to go.

Pricing and Availability

The MTF Services RF Mount conversion kit will retail for £325 (+VAT), but is available for a limited time at a reduced price of £275 (+VAT). MTF Services offer an installation service for customers at their UK offices, check their website for detailed information.

FUJINON MK cinema zoom lenses.

There’s also a FUJINON MK to Leica L mount conversion kit avialable. Check their site here for all the conversion kits and adaptors MTF has on display.

Links: MTF website

Do you already use the FUJINON MK cine zooms? Might this conversion kit be something for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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