Musicbed Relaunched – Filmmaker-Focused Licensed Music Site Gets Make-Over

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Musicbed Relaunched - Filmmaker-Focused Licensed Music Site Gets Make-Over

Musicbed (formerly known as The Music Bed for anyone completely confused) has received a make over today. The filmmaker-favourite licensed music site has announced a few updates that will make it more practical for use in the film production field.

Musicbed - Licensed Music

I’m a big fan of The Musicbed: out of the select few license music sites I use, they definitely provide the best collection of music, both from a quality point of view as well as hitting-the-nail-on-the-head for presenting lots of content that just works in the edit.

I spend the least amount of time on Musicbed looking for that right song and that says a lot.

Today they’ve announced some changes that will make the production process easier—and cheaper.

Musicbed_licensed Music

With a new algorithm in place, Musicbed can understand your site movements and tailor your next visit:

Personalized Recommendations: Get track recommendations inline with your tastes based on prior licenses, listens and favorites.

Follow an Artist: Receive alerts on new music from your favorite artists and enhanced recommendations when you follow an artist.

Smarter “Living” Playlists: Discover new content through Musicbed’s curated playlists that now include unobtrusive notifications when updated by our curation staff – one of the most popular ways people discover new artists on Musicbed.

They’ve also made changes to make it easier when purchasing, offering package deals for lyrical and instrumental versions (a feature I’ve felt it’s been crying out for) as well as an account balance system:

Lyrical & Instrumental Bundles: Beginning today, pair an instrumental track with the matching lyrical version at a highly discounted price during checkout.

Incredible New Music: More than 100 new artists will be added to Musicbed in early 2016, including some of the best undiscovered musicians and the Vintage Collection—featuring legendary musicians of the 1950’s & 60’s, soon to be available for first-time licensing.

Account Balances: Coming in the first quarter of 2016, maintain a balance for a creative budget on

Musicbed Sessions: Cinematic, in-studio music performances launching every month to help the film community discover Musicbed artists in a new way at

Musicbed_licensed music

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest checking out Musicbed. You’ll find their collection different to the norm, their collections sound—and often are—actual music tracks, not someone drumming at a midi keyboard, whilst retaining that editable progression that good licensed music needs to have.

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