New Vocas Spider System Camera Support

Vocas has announced their new Spider System; a versatile camera support system which is modular and adaptable depending on your filming needs.

Vocas has focused on a number of features in the Spider System to make it as flexible as possible for filming. The center piece of the system is a new camera base plate which sits in line with the shoulder support and extendable hand grip. It can connect up to four extendable arms for stable points of contact using the new rubbarized hand grip and shoulder brace, keeping the camera steady.


The base plate accessories also include a ‘Spider tube’ which is an additional base side for attaching a second extendable arm, and a tube for potentially mounting EVF’s or monitors.

The system is also tool-less, meaning it is flexible to change the arm positions or setup in the field, this has the advantage over rigs or supports that need keys or screwdrivers to adjust the setup. Including extendable arms is a thumbs up for multiple camera users, while running and gunning or using the cameras eyepiece.


The arm itself can rotate 360 degrees and includes a standard Rosette mount for adding other accessories or camera controls such.

The benefits of the Vocas Spider System

  • Modular system which can be setup exactly as you wish
  • Easy to combine without using any tools
  • Complete system for lightweight and small cameras
  • A complete easy adjustable system
  • Connection to all accessories using standard rosette
  • Strong, stable, light-weight and playless!
  • Space saving system
  • Up to four points of support!

The Vocas Spider System basic kit includes 2 extendable arms, a universal camera base, a rubberised handgrip and the shoulder brace coming in at € 795.00 euros. The other accessories are available separately. You can read more about the Spider System here.


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