Nikon D4, a new, powerful HDSLR around the corner ($6000)

January 8th, 2012 Jump to Comment Section

Well, it is a never ending story, but this camera truly deserves our attention:

The newly announced Nikon D4 features the following specs:

  • Multiple frame rates. (24,25,30) in full HD 50-60 in 720p
  • Headphone jack (!)
  • Full audio manual control
  • Uncompressed 8 bit 4:2:2 clean feed video out of the HDMI (1080p or 1080i yet to be confirmed)
  • Simultaneous live view + monitor output
  • Wireless/wire remote video start
  • Greatly reduced moire and aliasing
  • Recording video in full HD but in cropped mode (similar to ETC mode in Panasonic GH2)
  • 36x24mm sensor (same as 5D markII)
  • 1:1 pixel crop modeDiscuss the Nikon D4 in our dedicated cinema5D forums:

    It’s available for preorder on B&H! $6k

    The image below is a screenshot of a video shot on the Nikon D4. It’s a nice little docu short that portaits three extreme sports soloists. Click the image to check out the HD version in full screen:

    Check out the Nikon Press Release.

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