OWC Envoy Pro Mini – Pocket Sized SSD with a Punch

OWC Envoy Pro Mini – Pocket Sized SSD with a Punch

Long gone are the days when you would whip out a USB stick that boasted 128 MB of useable space with all the storage capabilities to hold 30 of your favorite songs, some pics, and the odd PDF or two (exposing my age here). From the early 2000s to now we have seen big changes in the portable media space, but few bigger than this! OWC Digital have unleashed their 1TB Envoy Pro Mini: a thumb-drive-sized, portable SSD.

Cue Envoy Pro Mini. When I first read this news, I had doubts if this isn’t just some form of tech-nerd-click-bait, so of course, I had to find out for myself and the greater good of the world. You will be very pleased to know it’s true, it’s fast, and it’s ready for you to order. But before we get ahead of ourselves, allow me to give you the rundown on all the details, so you can make your own call.

Don’t be fooled, though: the Envoy Pro mini is no ordinary thumb drive or USB flash drive. It’s indeed a full-blown SSD with all the componentry and advanced flash technology found in OWC’s desktop line of SSD drives.

OWC Envoy Pro Mini – SSD performance

Built for everyday users, tech lovers, and pro content creators, the new OWC Envoy Pro Mini has been put through the scientific labs of “data joy” to bring us a portable solution that we can take, access, save, and share our data anywhere, at any time! Check this video out below:

Don’t judge a book by the cover

In this case, looks can be deceiving, yes it’s small, very small – but oh man does it pack a punch! With storage options available up to 1TB you can access and transfer your data with everything at up to 946MB/s real-world speed with Plug’n’Play ease. With USC-C and USB-A all built-in, they have really created something special. OWC has been a leader in data solutions since the late 80s, so the company has a lot of experience in this field, here’s a look from CineD on a previous announcement of theirs.

Envoy Pro Mini and its small physical size
Envoy Pro Mini and its small physical size. Image Credit: Mac Sales.

With the seamless ability to read/write Mac and PC files, there’s nothing you need to “launch” or “learn” just pull it out of the pocket and your data dreams are ready to live. Store more than 250k photos, 200 HD movies or a deafening 38,000 songs and so much more… (but really, who has that many songs?) Check the detail specs for yourself by clicking here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

But are you game?

As a gamer, you can never have enough storage space. The OWC Envoy Pro Mini expands the capacity of your PlayStation or Xbox console, so you can focus on the win rather than a storage loss. Mac Sales comments:

Run backwards compatible PS4 and Xbox One games directly from the Envoy Pro mini to maximize your new console’s precious internal storage for the latest titles. You can also store PS5 and Xbox Series X/S games on the Envoy Pro mini and transfer them faster than re-downloading to your console when you want to get your game on.

Mac Sales
OWC helping you game better
OWC helping you game better. Image Credit: Mac Sales.

WWDD. What would Digby do?

In summary, if you can’t imagine your life without this tech must-have, you can pre-order it here, shipping starts in June. For me personally, working in the post-production space, this will be a helpful accessory to have easily assessable around the workplace. (The Envoy Pro mini comes with a detachable lanyard if you want to wear it around your neck).

So, I’ll be placing my order – and expanding my music knowledge, because, from the sounds of it, I can store quite a few more songs now!

Let me know in the comments what you think! Is this as cool and helpful as I say?


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