“Producing from the Front”- New MZed Course on Film Production

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Producing from the Front is a new MZed course from award-winning producer and CineD writer Graham Ehlers Sheldon, where he shares his hard-won tips on everything from pre-production that will pay off in production, post, and distribution. This new course becomes available today – the same day when CineD announces the acquisition of the MZed platform.

Today is an important day for CineD, as we have announced the acquisition of MZed. The extensive filmmaker education platform is becoming a part of the CineD universe and you can read all about the big news in Nino’s article. MZed is also launching a new course today – Producing from the Front by award-winning producer Graham Ehlers Sheldon, who has also been writing for CineD for many years. Let’s take a closer look at the new course.

Production from the Front. Image credit: MZed

Producing from the Front – MZed Course by Graham Ehlers Sheldon

In Producing from the Front, Graham Ehlers Sheldon shares his hard-won tips gleaned from over a decade in the industry. He addresses everything from pre-production that will pay off in production, post, and beyond, legal knowledge to know what questions to ask, and finally, distribution, a piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked. Undertaking Graham’s course should make the process of going from page to screen much easier. We asked Graham a couple of questions to find out who this course is best suited for, how students can get most of it, and what the added value of the course is.

CineD: What perspective does this course on producing have other classes may not offer?

Graham: Producing has always been, for better or worse, a nebulous occupation. With this course, I’m attempting to clarify standards and best practices that will translate well as you work within the evolving world of indie film. There really aren’t many courses on producing. What Producing from the Front reveals is the actual nitty-gritty of doing the work. No sports cars or red carpets here. The job is part creative, part leadership, part business, and my goal is to help you take the guesswork out of it.

CineD: Can you name a moment when you fell in love with film and how that moment informed your role today as a producer?

Graham: I’ve been making content for as long as I can remember, and I have loved film from moment 1. Being a true creator who can drive the project forward gives some control over an entertainment career where stability can seem elusive. That stability and the community that comes from working with a creative team, plus the ability to help steer the ship, have led me to the producer role.

Graham E Sheldon on set of “Producing from the Front”, image credit: MZed.

CineD: How can I get the most out of the “Producing from the Front” course?

Graham: My advice would be to take this course a module at a time. Let the material really sink in as you work on your own projects. You may find that putting these ideas into practice on a small or large set of any kind really helps internalize them. Going back to individual modules after a full first viewing of the course may also be helpful as your perspective changes over time. Whatever you decide, it shouldn’t feel like a grind.

CineD: What one thing do you wish you had known when you decided to become a producer?

Graham: For some, “producer” may be a glamorous title, but my purpose is to share how the sausage is made. There aren’t always easy answers, and occasionally the problems are incredibly unique to the point where you must go with your gut. Use this course as a foundation and build from there.

CineD: Who, in your opinion, would benefit from taking this course?

Graham: I’m confident a wide range of people will find this course helpful. Whether you’re making a career pivot, shooting your first or even third film, there’s something here for everyone. Feel like you’ve already mastered the content in module one? Great – move forward to module two and beyond – I won’t get mad, and in no time at all, I bet you find concepts that are new and worth exploring. 

Price and Availability

As mentioned above, the course will be available on MZed starting today. The standard price for the annual MZed Pro streaming subscription is $349, but to celebrate the acquisition, CineD is offering a limited 5-day-deal of only $199 for the MZed Pro annual subscription. If you were considering getting MZed Pro, now is the right time.

Where do you get your filmmaking education from? Did you try out an MZed course before? Let us know in the comment section below.

On set of “Producing from the Front”, image credit: MZed.

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