RED pricedrops: Scarlet-X gets $1800 off, RED ONE for $4000

November 5th, 2012 Jump to Comment Section 4

This weekend RED cut down the prices on all their camera bodies. The Scarlet-X’ price has been reduced to $7950 and the Epic now costs almost half. Is this a result of Sony’s massive camera announcement last week?

RED’s Jim Jannard doesn’t seem to call Sony’s announcement the cause for their pricedops. About the F5 and F55 he says: “These two camera announcements are significant. While I do not see them as a threat to EPIC or Scarlet… I do see them as a threat to the conventional and outdated thinking of the industry that tried so hard to cling to “1080P and 2K are good enough”.”
and says that they have lowered their “assembly costs, found better suppliers and fully paid off our NRE.” (…) “Since our costs are now significantly lower we are re-pricing our cameras as of now.”

The timing of RED’s price drops is still an interesting one and raises some questions concerning how well RED is armed against the wave of competitive large sensor cameras that are flooding the market right now.

Here are the exact price changes:
RED EPIC-M: $24,000 vs. $39,500
RED EPIC-X: $19,000 vs. $34,500
RED SCARLET-X: $7,950 vs. $9,700
RED ONE MX: $4,000 vs. $25,000

Notably the RED ONE MX saw a considerable reduction in price, but was sold out very quickly. See if there’s anything left if you’re into it (can’t recommend this camera though):

When looking into buying RED cameras one should keep in mind that there are always additional costs involved, some thousand to get a working package and another thousand if you decide to sell your camera as I described here: LINK

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