ResolveCon 2023: Interviews and Insights with the Speakers

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ResolveCon 2023 in Portland, Oregon, was a very well-received 3-day conference all about Blackmagic Design’s editing suite, DaVinci Resolve. Over the past few years, Resolve has gained a lot of traction resulting in ResolveCon growing from a purely online event to a live one hosting people from all over the world. You can read our report and see the video about ResolveCon here.

Event organizer and well-known YouTuber Casey Faris was able to gather a wide variety of speakers and trainers who held more general talks but also gave in-depth workshops that were only available to the attendees on site. We talked to some of the speakers to hear more about their respective fields and specialities. 

Writing the book on color: Daria Fissoun

First we talked to Daria Fissoun, a colorist based in London, about her work for Blackmagic Design. She wrote the book on color grading in DaVinci Resolve and is the face of the official online video trainings on YouTube. Check out her introduction to color in Resolve here:

Introduction to Color from the official Blackmagic Design YouTube channel

Daria comes from the compositing side but soon found her interest in color correction and color grading. Now she consults big production companies like Disney+ on color workflow in their productions. She tells us a bit about this in her part of the interview.

“I’m such a nerd”: MrAlexTech

Bringing a lot of British wit and self-deprecating humor to the DaVinci Resolve YouTube sphere is MrAlexTech. He covers a wide range of topics on his channels and also programs his own plugins – we asked him about this and about how difficult it was to start creating add-ons for Resolve. 

His newest version of MagicAnimate is out now. Check out his video about it below:

Animating without using keyframes made easy by MrAlexTech

The go-to sound guy: Jason Yadlovksi

Jason comes from a live mixing background and soon found himself interested in the audio side of DaVinci Resolve. While he also gives more general tips on his YouTube channel, he specializes in sound content and gives tips on how to make your audio sound better in the Fairlight page.

Check out his video on audio automation (a topic that is quite scary for many newcomers) here:

Scary for beginners but help is here: Audio automation with Jason

The compositing wizard: Bernd Klimm

German-born Bernd Klimm is one of the leading YouTubers on the Fusion page (and the Fusion standalone version) – his expertise lies in using Fusion for compositing. He has long and in-depth videos on all types of topics. Should you ever run intro trouble with a project in Fusion, Bernd is the guy to contact. 

Here he explains with view examples of using the depth map within Fusion to create certain effects:

In-depth depth effects with Bernd

The hosts: Casey Faris and Dan Bernard

At the end of the interview clip, I talk with event organizers Casey Faris and his business partner Dan about their start as a company on YouTube, and the great growth that ResolveCon has seen. Casey has been focusing a lot on Fusion on his channel recently – even starting to get into animation. See the results here:

Watch Casey and his team create a cartoon using only Fusion

The attendees at ResolveCon especially enjoyed the chance to talk to all the speakers and trainers and get some first hand help and advice on their projects. Since this year was a success, Casey and his team are planning on continuing to host this event. Maybe even bigger next year? We will see.

Did you attend ResolveCon? What was your favorite session? What were you able to take away from the conference? Let us know in the comments!

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