Rode VideoMic HD = First Digital Recorder + Microphone

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It’s not a laser gun, it’s a shotgun microphone!

Rode is a great company with family tradition and they always come up with some great ideas. Why not ditch that audio recorder so many of us tend to carry around to our disadvantage? It’s bulky, it’s heavy, it’s getting on our nerves, well on mine at least. What a neat idea to build it right into the microphone.
Read on:

While providing throughput to the camera for sync and backup this device records the audio in high quality to a microSD card. There’s also a headphone jack and level control for your convenience. And there’s even a line input jack with some more controls. Rode truly put lots of tech into this thing to make it matter. Not to mention using the Audio DNA from their fralgship Rode NTG3 microphones.

From the Rode Press Release:
a high-fidelity, precision RF bias shotgun microphone with integrated digital recording, designed for use with DSLR and large-sensor video cameras.

On the dedicated website there’s acomplete list of features:

  • Integrated digital recorder (microSDHC)
  • RF-bias, true condenser shotgun microphone
  • (based on RØDE NTG3 technology)
  • Line and Mic (mixer) inputs (with ‘plug-in’ power)
  • High level headphone amplifier for monitoring
  • Three-level High Pass Filter (0, 75Hz, 150Hz)
  • Integrated Blimp wind protection and shock mounting
  • Multi mode outputs
  • (Dual mono/split 0db and -10db for auto safety/dual mono + 20dB)
  • High frequency ‘boost’ switch for increased intelligibility at distance miking
  • Utra-lightweight metal casing
  • Quick release mounting system

There’s no price at this time but Rode can keep you updated through their dedicated newsletter

via HD Warrior

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