SmallRig RC120D and RC120B Released – Better Than Aputure 100D and 100X?

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SmallRig RC120D and RC120B Released – Better Than Aputure 100D and 100X?

With the release of the SmallRig RC120D and RC120B, the company is trying to break into the lighting market. These daylight and bi-color COB LED fixtures offer a decent output for their price and are compatible with the new SmallRig lighting accessories. Pricing starts at $219.

SmallRig has built a good reputation over the years by feeding the industry with high-quality, affordable camera cages and rigging accessories. Although the company developed some minor lighting products in the past, nothing compares to the release of the new SmallRig RC120D and RC120B.

In fact, these new fixtures are designed to directly tackle the Aputure Amaran 100D and 100X. The SmallRig models are extremely competitive, offering very similar specs at about the same price. Let’s take a closer look at them.

SmallRig RC120D and RC120B: overview

The SmallRig RC120D and RC120B are two lightweight and compact COB LED lights. While the RC120D is a daylight-balanced fixture (5600K), the adjustable color temperature of the RC120B ranges from 2700 to 6500K.

SmallRig RC120D and RC120B. Source: SmallRig

Both lights feature a basic control panel on the back that grants access to all their fundamental settings, including the nine built-in lighting effects. The two fixtures also share the same sleek, plastic construction.

SmallRig RC120B control panel. Source: SmallRig

Although this design keeps them lightweight and portable, these products seem more suitable for content creators with a permanent studio setup rather than traveling filmmakers.

SmallRig RC120B. Source: SmallRig

Despite these build-quality concerns, both the RC120D and RC120B should ensure a decent output and good color accuracy. In fact, according to the manufacturer, they score a 95+ CRI and 96+ TLCI rating. Furthermore, their integrated cooling fans prevent them from overheating while still ensuring silent operation.

SmallRig RC120D and RC120B: photometrics

According to the spec sheet, the SmallRig RC120D can output 62,600 lux at a distance of 1 meter when using the included hyper reflector. As could be expected, the bi-color version loses a little bit of power, delivering only 52,800 lux at the same distance. Overall, these figures are fine and you get a good amount of power for each dollar spent.

SmallRig RC120D. Source: SmallRig

Bowens mount and new SmallRig modifiers

Both fixtures come with an included hyper reflector, but their industry-standard Bowens mount makes them compatible with a vast range of third-party lighting modifiers.

SmallRig RA-D85 softbox. Source: SmallRig

Moreover, SmallRig also introduced their own line of accessories, including a 33”, a 21.6”, and a lantern-style softbox. These three accessories nicely complement the RC120 series, allowing users to achieve a softer quality of li. Moreover, they seem to be well-designed and ready for use in seconds.

SmallRig RA-L65 lantern softbox. Source: SmallRig

Power options: AC or V-Lock

When it comes to supplying power to these fixtures, users have two options to choose from. In fact, the RC120D and RC120B can be powered using the included AC adapter or via an external 14.4V or 26V V-Lock brick. The company also released a new V-Lock battery plate that can easily be attached to a light stand.

SmallRig 3676 RA V1 battery plate. Source: SmallRig

When relying on AC power, the 6-meter long power cord facilitates rigging operations, allowing users to mount their lights even on high stands or tall ceilings. Moreover, when the fixtures are out-of-reach, they can still be wirelessly controlled through the SmallGoGo app from a distance of 100m.

SmallRig RC120D or Aputure Amaran 100 series?

If you’re curious to find out how the new SmallRig fixtures perform against the Aputure 100D and 100X, I highly recommend taking a look at this nice review put together by our friends at CVP (below).

Overall, the offerings of the two brands are very close to each other. The SmallRig RC120 series gets a few extra points for the included carrying case. On the other hand, the Sidus Link App offers a better user experience when remotely controlling the Aputure lights.

Price and availability

Both lights are now ready for purchase at B&H (RC120D and RC120B) and CVP (RC120D and RC120B). Their official retail prices are respectively $219 and $259. Also available are the new SmallRig lighting modifiers starting at $99.

What are your thoughts on the new SmallRig RC120D and RC120B? Do you think these lights can compete with the Aputure 100D and 100X? Share your opinion in the comments below!


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