Starting a Music Video Production Company – with Ben Griffin – ON THE GO – Episode 73

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For this round of cinema5D ON THE GO, we welcome music video filmmaker Ben Griffin.

Ben Griffin is a director, producer and DP originally from the San Francisco Bay area, but who is currently based in LA and focuses on producing music videos. He shares with us how he developed a passion for the filmic medium from an early age, as well as a taste for MTV music videos.

Ben’s interest in the industry led him to being involved from a young age, eventually deciding to study at the Academy of Art in the San Francisco Bay area. Having to leave education due to personal circumstances, Ben continued working in the industry as a PA, and later as an editor for what he describes a “straight-to-Blockbuster feature”.

Ben Griffin

After starting a later venture in DVD production for car shows, his shooting style was recognised by record labels and members of the music industry, which opened the door to his first forays into these kinds of productions.

In the standard-def, pre-YouTube era of Myspace, Ben found his style in using 35mm adapters for video cameras and, armed with a Panasonic HVX200, he went on to create videos that really drew an audience. As his work evolved, it became clear what the next logical step was: to start a professional music video production company.

Stay tuned to cinema5D ON THE GO for more about Ben’s career in the music video industry, and some pretty hilarious anecdotes!

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