SWIT VANGO RGBW LED Panels Introduced – Brighter RGB Colors

SWIT VANGO RGBW LED Panels Introduced - Brighter RGB Colors

SWIT has just released a new series of RGBW LED panels called the VANGO, which consists of three models: the VANGO-70 (1×1), VANGO-100 (2×1), and VANGO-100L (3×0.5). All three models feature a new time-division technology making them up to 60% brighter in RGB mode. Also, they are 21mm thick, fanless, have a built-in diffuser, and can be powered by a V-Mount/Gold-Mount battery. So let’s take a closer look at all these new RGBW LED panels!

SWIT is well-known for making professional batteries, monitors, wireless video transmission systems, and LED lights. We recently discussed their new B-Mount series of batteries with Neil, and the company recently released the world’s most extensive V-Mount brick with an astonishing 420Wh capacity.

The company is back with a new series of RGBW LED panels: the SWIT VANGO, the successor of the popular SWIT PL bi-color LED panels.

SWIT VANGO – thinner and quieter

The SWIT VANGO lineup of RGBW LED panels consists of three models:

  • VANGO-70: 70W 1×1 (31 x 31cm) panel that weighs 4kg.
  • VANGO-100: 100W 2×1 (58 x 31cm) panel that weighs 6kg.
  • Lastly the upcoming VANGO-100L: 100W 3×0.5 (84 x 16cm) panel which is 4.9kg.

The VANGO series uses exclusive Edge-Mounted SMD RGBW LEDs, which results in very thin 21mm/0.78inch panels.

Image credit: SWIT

Furthermore, the VANGO panels are made entirely of metal, so they’re sturdy, durable, and totally fanless. No fans mean no noise, something that will make sound crews happy.

Image credit: SWIT

Brighter RGB colors

In CCT mode, the SWIT VANGO series can go from 2.800K to 10.000K with a CRI of 95 and a TLCI of 92. The VANGO-70 has a brightness of 1.500 lux at 1m/3ft, while the VANGO-100/100-L has an output of 2.000 lux at the same distance.

As the VANGO are RGBW panels, they feature various color control modes including CCT/HSI/RGB/CIE/Light Effects. Also, there is a Gel selection mode, which provides Rosco and Lee Gels, and supports Gel import.

Image credit: SWIT

SWIT developed a new patent and technology that they implemented into the VANGO series: Time-Division technology. According to SWIT:

In color mode, most RGBW panels can only output 1/3 of the Red, Green, or Blue channel’s brightness. With SWIT’s unique Time-Division technology, VANGO panels have a much higher RGB output than other RGBW products of the same power.
The VANGO-70 encloses a color brightness comparable to traditional 200W power RGBW lights, while the VANGO-100 goes even further with a color brightness output that rivals conventional 300W power RGBW lights. It means that VANGO panels are brighter but consumes less power. Furthermore, you get longer runtimes when using V-Mount/Gold- Mount batteries.


I had the chance to look at the VANGO panels and use them extensively, and I can confirm that the RGB brightness of the VANGO-70 compared to a Rayzr MC-100 panel is impressive.

Image credit: SWIT

Built-in diffuser

At the front of the VANGO, there is a built-in diffuser. The panels’ SMD LEDs are very close to the diffuser, which results in pretty soft light output. In addition, this diffuser eliminates the “multi-shadow phenomenon.”

Also, for one-man-band filmmakers, you won’t need extra lighting diffusers like a softbox for interview setups and beauty shoots. To control the light spread, all panels come with removable aluminum 4-leaf Barndoors.

Image credit: SWIT

SWIT VANGO inputs and outputs

At the back of each panel, you’ll find 5-pin DMX input and output ports, an integrated V- mount or Gold-mount battery plate, a locking 4-pin XLR 11-34V DC input, and a USB port for firmware updates.

Also, the VANGO integrates a 3.5-inch color display. With the knob hotkey, you can easily adjust color and brightness settings with high precision.

Image credit: SWIT

Furthermore, the company developed a new mobile App called SWIT Console, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The User Interface is very responsive and has been highly optimized to achieve precise operation in seconds.

Image credit: SWIT

Price and availability

The SWIT VANGO-70 and VANGO-100 are available now for $799/€799 and $1.099/€1.099, respectively. The VANGO-100L 3×0.5 should be available in Q3 2022.

The panels come in a soft case with an AC power adapter that attaches to the back of the light.

For more information, please visit SWIT’s website here.

What do you think about these new VANGO RGBW LED panels? Did you already use SWIT lighting fixtures? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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