The Importance of Viewfinders – ON THE COUCH ep 25 part 3 of 3 – O’Connor Hartnett, Mark-André Voss

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In episode 25 of ON THE COUCH, I was happy to welcome filmmaker O’Connor Hartnett and Mark-André Voss from F&V Lighting.

In this final part of this episode, we talked about other products by F&V’s other than lighting.

We talked about the fact that getting a decent viewfinder for modern cameras was one of the most difficult and most expensive tasks until recently.

But now, for example there’s the new Spectra 4 HD Viewfinder, a 1080p 4.3 inch LCD monitor with attached loupe. It comes with HDMI and SDI input and loupe through, and also conversion between the two.


F&V also makes shoulder rigs with various handles, also wooden handles and much more. Mark mentions how hard it is to make accessories nowadays as there are so many different cameras that are constantly being replaced, which didn’t use to be the case as much as it is now.

We moved on to industry trends in general, and at the end thought about how close low-end cameras are to high-end cameras nowadays, if you compare the industry of now to the industry 5 or even 10 years ago.








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