Vitec Imaging Solutions CEO Marco Pezzana on Company & Phase of Industry

May 6th, 2020

I recently caught up with Marco Pezzana, CEO at Vitec Imaging Solutions for a comprehensive 27 minutes interview about the state of his division and the different companies he is directing. Marco was also kind enough to elaborate and share with us his views concerning the state of our industry as a whole. Usually, the center of our attention is interviewing the heads of the various camera manufacturers, so somehow we ended up neglecting top accessories makers. But as someone who has been leading the sector for over 10 years, it is certainly worth listening to what Marco has to say. With so many brands under his supervision, the overall look he can provide is a good reflector on what is currently happening and what to expect next when our industry recovers from the phase it is pacing. 

Marco Pezzana – CEO at Vitec Imaging Solutions. Image credit: cinema5D

The Vitec Group is a public company that caters to our filming industry different products produced by different known brands from around the world. The company is organized into three divisions: Imaging Solutions, Production Solutions, and Creative Solutions. While under Production Solutions, one can find brands like Sachtler, Vinten, Anton Bauer, Litepanels, Small HD, Teradek (And more), the Imaging Solutions division under Marco’s leadership is known for having the following brands under its wings: Manfrotto (Bags and tripods), Gitzo, Avenger, Joby, Syrp, Lowepro, Rycote, Lastolite and Colorama.

From his office at Bassano del Grappa in Italy, Marco has been leading the imaging division for over 10 years, but having in mind the current global state, I talked to him while he is operating and managing the company from his home.

Here are the topics and questions covered in our conversation: 

  • 2:03 – The current coronavirus situation is a folding global event that is taking different shapes day by day. Do you see this changing our filming and photography industry and if so, do you think those change(s) are temporary or permanent?
  • 3:34 – This crisis comes at a very challenging point for many manufacturers. Competition is tough and those who will not innovate, might not survive. Under your leadership, what measures do you take in order to ensure creativity?
  • 9:00 – Can you please describe the challenges Vitec imaging solutions is facing during this time?
  • 11:31 – One of the issues we see is, that even if you are able to manufacturer, the distributing chain might be affected, and even if that is solved, the general mood and financial uncertainty people are facing, will, of course, affect sales. What do you at Manfrotto is trying to do in order to keep sales at a reasonable level?
  • 14:58 – Do you think your managing style has changed due to the current situation? If yes, what are the changes?
  • 18:40 – Just before this virus outbreak, the company under your leadership has started with rebranding Joby with building it to become a leading “phonography brand”. Can you please share with us what was the original plan and how you adjusted it to the current situation?
  • 22:34 – Major industry show exhibitions around the globe are being canceled. If I‘m not mistaken, Manfrotto’s original plan was not to participate and have a booth at NAB anyway. Can you please share with us why you decided not to participate in such an important trade show and how do you see the future of those shows?

Guys, where do you see our filming industry heading? Please share your comments in the section below


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Steve N
Steve N
GuestMay 13th, 2020

Really interesting POV on their business.

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