Vocas Follow Focus Announced – A Unique Solution for the Single Operator

September 11th, 2016 Jump to Comment Section 1

“Taking things back to basics” says Bas Ladru from Vocas, who are announcing the new Vocas follow focus they’ve are presenting at IBC 2016.

Designed with single DSLR and mirrorless shooters in mind, this new follow focus has switchable rotation, added smoothness dampening for accuracy and the focus marking has been removed to reduce the cost and make the unit smaller.

The follow focus Vocas had on display is a prototype, with the finished product available later in the year.

Vocas Follow Focus IBC 2016

Features of the new follow focus:

  • The focus knob is extended to allow for a better grip while shooting with a shoulder rig, again improving the stability.
  • Added smoothness for use with photography lenses for more precise focus pulling.
  • No play between the handle and the gears for added smoothness by removing all the internal gearing.
  • Gear ratio of 1:1.

Again with a focus on keeping costs down, the follow focus doesn’t have a quick release. Instead it simply slides to allow for lenses to be changed or removed.

The new Vocas follow focus will be available from December this year with a price of around 650 ($730).

Like the look of the new Vocas follow focus? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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