8Sinn VCT Universal Shoulder Base Plate Released

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8Sinn VCT Universal Shoulder Base Plate Released

The new 8Sinn VCT universal shoulder base plate offers standardized compatibility through the 501PLONG plate on top and VCT-14 mount at the bottom. It also features vertical front rods adjustment and a detachable shoulder pad.

8Sinn VCT Shoulder Base Plate. (The EVA1 and the lens are not included in the package :) ).

A VCT shoulder base plate is an important part of any equipment kit, as it is very handy for situations when both, tripod and shoulder filming is required on set. The fast click-in mechanism of the VCT-14 plate makes switching between those two types of shooting very quick. 8Sinn has now released their addition to the VCT plates variety – the 8Sinn VCT universal shoulder base plate.

Standard Compatibility Both on Top and Bottom

The 8Sinn VCT shoulder plate can be used with a wide variety of cameras thanks to its standardized construction. On top, it uses the Manfrotto 501PLONG plate. There are blocking points located on the main body to prevent the plate from being lifted off from the VCT Base Plate.

The blocking button locks and unlocks the plate from the VCT Shoulder Plate. Sliding the plate backwards and forwards is a way of regulating the camera’s position – for instance, to balance the weight distribution. The movable plate is made of lightweight aluminium with rubber pads on top to prevent unwanted friction.

On the bottom of this Shoulder Plate, there is the VCT-14 Mount which is compatible with Sony VCT-14 tripod adapter plates for fast attachment or detachment.

The detachable shoulder pad should comfortably distribute the camera’s weight on the shoulder during shooting. The pad is attached to the VCT Universal Shoulder Plate by magnets and it has four-level regulation possibility – this area contributes to the whole set’s balance.

15mm Rods Management

The VCT Universal Shoulder Base Plate by 8Sinn has 15mm rods openings located at the front as well as the back of its structure. Each rod from the back part has its own knob for separate regulation.

Frontal rods have their own adjustment system. The segment has three levels of height adjustment to accommodate different types of lenses. Additionally, there is an innovative assembling method, with the possibility of upside down mounting, which increases the segment height range.

The vertical regulation range of the rods is 32,5mm (from highest to lowest position). Lowest possible rods position is -35mm when measured from the upper surface of the plate. Highest possible rods position is -2,5mm when measured from the upper surface of the plate. The hex (allen) key – which is used for rods tightening and the rods mount section positioning – can be found under the Manfrotto 501PLONG plate in a special key compartment. That’s a nice little detail, in my opinion.

8Sinn VCT Universal Shoulder Base Plate – Key Specs

  • sliding 501PLONG-type top plate
  • VCT-14 ENG quick release compatible
  • front and rear 15mm rod mounts
  • adjustable magnetic shoulder pad
  • 1.3″ (32,5mm) vertical front rod-clamp adjustment
  • 1/4″ threaded mounting points on both sides
  • ARRI standard 32mm rosettes on both sides
  • hex (allen) key storage
  • dimensions (LxWxH): 9.6 x 3.7 x 2.2″ / 244 x 94 x 56 mm
  • weight: 1.8 lb / 810 g

The VCT plate is available now for immediate orders. Price and links can be found below.

Do you use a VCT plate with your camera? How do you like this shoulder plate by 8Sinn? Let us know in the comments.

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