Astera AX2 PixelBar Announced – Linear Wash Fixture with IP65 and Wireless Control

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Astera AX2 PixelBar Announced – Linear Wash Fixture with IP65 and Wireless Control

Astera AX2 PixelBar is a new linear wash fixture that comes in two lengths – 100cm (40″) with 16 pixels or 50cm (20″) with 8 pixels. The lights can be stacked together, offer IP65 protection, wireless control via the AsteraApp, wireless DMX, or infrared remote. Thanks to the RGB+Mint+Amber LEDs, it offers wide CCT range and high color rendition.

The German lighting company Astera specializes in battery-powered LED fixtures that are often used in the event- or film industry. You might have heard about the RGB Titan Tubes from Astera, as these are quite popular among filmmakers. When it comes to other Astera products, last year in November my colleague Graham reviewed the Astera NYX Lightbulb. Now, the company from Munich has a new product – AX2 PixelBar. Let’s take a quick look at its features and specs.

Astera AX2 PixelBar

The AX2 PixelBar is a linear wash LED fixture with a built-in battery pack. Each of its LEDs can be individually addressed and offers digital color calibration and a native 21° beam. Thanks to its smart stands, hanging bracket, connectable endcaps, and integrated airline track it can be quickly assembled in numerous ways. It comes in two sizes:

  • 100cm (20″) length with 16 x 10W LEDs – 16 individual pixels
  • 50cm (40″) length with 8 x 10W LEDs – 8 individual pixels
AX2 PixelBar with AsteraApp. Source: Astera

Thanks to the Titan LED Engine, the fixtures offer high color rendition from 3.200K to 6.500K – TLCI ≥ 96, CRI Ra ≥ 96, CRI Re ≥ 90. The total CCT range is 1750-20,000K thanks to the RGB+Mint+Amber LEDs. Thanks to the IP65 rating, the lights can work in harsh conditions as well.

With the BarConnect+ system, users can join several AX2 units that will communicate with each other to allow auto-addressing & Flow Sets. When connected in line, there is a consistent pixel pitch throughout all the AX2 PixelBars – all the LED pixels have the same distance.

Each PixelBar features an Airline Track at the back and bottom (to attach mounting tools) as well as removable multi-functional feet with a quick-release clamp. The fixtures can also be equipped with barn doors to further control the light spill.

The fixtures can be controlled via infrared remote, wireless DMX (2.4GHz), and via the AsteraApp (UHF). Users can create complex programs out of colors, effects, and other settings. AX2 PixelBars will remember and repeat these effects without requiring a constant wireless link.

Multiple AX2 PixelBars joined with BarConnect. Source: Astera

Other features of the lights include:

  • Talkback+. Detect all available lights, set them up, check their status, configure DMX addresses and DMX profiles.
  • Seamless Runtime. Set the length of the production to be sure that the lights won’t run out while still getting the maximum brightness.
  • TruColor Calibration. Individually calibrated lights lead to 100% color consistency and exact color reproduction of color temperature and filter gels.
  • Effects. Quickly build programs out of colors and effects, trigger them or make them match a beat.
  • Flicker-Free. Scrambled PWM technology to avoid flickering when filming.
  • Green/Magenta Correction. Adjust green/magenta during operation to better match the scene.
  • Scheduled StandBy. Switch lights into power-saving standby and schedule them to wake up when the production starts.
  • Dynamic PowerBoost. This feature makes the light display the maximum brightness at all times and intensifies non-white colors.
  • Emergency Lights. Switches to white light when AC power is cut.
  • Anti-Theft. The lights give a visual and audible alarm and send a notification to the AsteraApp if they are being moved during an event.
  • DJ Feature. Auto BPM analyzes the beat and matches programs to it, flash buttons can trigger special effects while being held down.
Astera Wireless Control System. Source: Astera

Astera AX2 PixelBar specifications

  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Mint, Amber
  • Total LED power: 160W / 80W
  • Power draw: 80W / 40W
  • TLCI (3200k-6500k): ≥96
  • CRI (3200k-6500k): ≥96
  • Light output – 2700k, 3200k,5500k (100cm PixelBar):  3600lm, 4460lm, 4530lm
  • Light output – 2700k, 3200k,5500k (50cm PixelBar): 1800lm, 2230lm, 2265lm
  • Strobe: 0-25Hz
  • Pixels: 16 (8)
  • Battery Lifetime: 70% after 300 cycles
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 20 hours
  • Charging time (nominal): 5 Hours
  • Input Voltage : 110 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Backside Display with HSI control
  • Infrared
  • Wireless Frequencies: CRMX 2.4GHz, UHF
  • Range: 300m (330 Yards)
  • CRMX Receiver: Built-in
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Ambient Temperature: 0-40˚C | 32-104˚F
  • Weight (50cm PixelBar): 4.5 kg (9.9 lb)
  • Weight (100cm PixelBar): 7.4 kg (16.3 lb)
  • Dimensions with hook 50: 520 x 165 x 65mm (20.5 x 6.5 x 2.6″)
  • Dimensions with hook 100:1020 x 165 x 65mm (40.1 x 6,5 x 2,6″)
  • Dimensions without hook 50: 500 x 165 x 65mm (19.7 x 6.5 x2.6″)
  • Dimensions without hook 100: 1000 x 165 x 65mm (39.4 x 6.5 x 2.6″)
AX2 PixelBar with AsteraApp. Source: Astera

Price and availability

The Astera AX2 PixelBar is available for pre-order now. The price has been set to $985 for the shorter 50cm (20″) version and $1,365 for the longer 100cm (40″) version.

What do you think about the Astera AX2 PixelBar? Do you have experience working with other Astera lights? Let us know in the comments section below.

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