Deity BP-TRX Transceiver Recorder – D4 Duo Microphone – Deity Connect FW V2.0

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Deity BP-TRX Transceiver Recorder - D4 Duo Microphone - Deity Connect FW V2.0

Deity have just launched an exciting new audio swiss army knife in the form of the BP-TRX, and an innovative new on camera mic, the D4 Duo.

The Deity BP-TRX and D4 Duo. Image source: Deity Microphones

In addition to these two new products, the Deity Connect Firmware Version 2.0 adds some excellent new features to the BP-TX, Duo-RX and HD-TX.

Introducing the Deity BP-TRX

The Deity BP-TRX is a new member of the Deity Connect family. Far more than just a new receiver or transmitter, the Deity BP-TRX is both, plus a recorder, and a timecode generator, and can even be a transmitter-recorder-timecode generator simultaneously. The BP-TRX has a number of modes, and possible combinations of features.

Deity BP-TRX. Image source: Deity Microphones

The BP-TRX is technically a transceiver and can act as a traditional wireless microphone transmitter, or be booted up as a single channel receiver. This means it can be whatever you need it to be. It is also a stereo audio recorder and timecode generator. These features can be used standalone or combined with transmitter or receiver functionality when booted into either mode.

Deity BP-TRX used in Camera Hop mode. Image source: Deity Microphones

Internationally the Deity BP-TRX will be able to receive and transmit at the same time, but within the US, it will only be able to act as a transmitter or receiver. In Camera Hop mode the Deity BP-TRX can be used to output timecode along with audio to a camera.

When used as an audio recorder only the BP-TRX will run for 21 hours and can operate for more than 25 hours as a timecode generator. The accuracy of the timecode generator is one frame drift in 24 hours.

The BP-TRX will retail for $249 and include timecode sync cables, a lavalier, USB-C charging cable, and a USB adapter for firmware updates.

The Deity D4 Duo Microphone

Deity D4 Duo on camera microphone. Image source: Deity Microphones

Now you can record clear audio both in front and behind the camera with the Deity D4 Duo on camera microphone. The Deity D4 Duo is a micro compact microphone with two cardioid microphone capsules to capture the audio fields on both sides of the camera.

Deity D4 Duo on camera microphone. Image source: Deity Microphones

The D4 Duo also features an aux mic input that bypasses the rear microphone module, allowing the front mic, and an input from a lav mic to be recorded as an example. This puts the front microphone capsule on the left channel, and the aux input microphone source on the right channel. This makes it possible to record a clean lav mic source, while recording the ambient sound to a separate channel for mixing back in later.

The D4 DUO will retail for $99 and comes with 2x Deity faux fur windshields, a Rycote® Lyre Shockmount and a coiled 3.5mm TRS cable. It’s expected to be available towards the end of Q2.

Deity Connect Firmware Version 2.0

Deity Connect Firmware Version 2.0 adds some exciting new features to the BP-TX, Duo-RX and HD-TX.

BP-TX Updates:

  • Lock Screen Icons
  • Variable Low Filter 20-200Hz
  • Pairing screen / Failed to Pair screen
  • New System Settings menu
  • VU meter added to input gain settings
  • Bug fixes

Duo-RX Updates:

  • Lockscreen icons
  • New output modes
  • New pairing method – Select A or B channel when pairing

HD-TX Updates:

  • New SD Card Menu: Format and check capacity
  • New USB Menu: Easier to transfer files to a PC
  • Ability to be used as a USB audio interface for a PC, Mac or smartphone!
  • For the USA only – Record and transmit +48V microphones

One of the most interesting features added to the Deity HD-TX is that it can now be used as an XLR mic preamp and audio interface for FiLMiC Pro on iPhone. This requires an Apple lightning to USB adapter dongle.

All in all, these are some exciting announcements from Deity, who continue to create high quality audio gear that represents exceptional value.

Are you using Deity microphones and wireless audio gear as part of your kit? What do you think of the new Deity BP-TRX and the D4 Duo Microphone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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