B&H Canon Holiday Deals – Up to $3,000 Savings on Cine and Hybrid Cameras and Lenses

The holiday season is a time of wonder, and $3,000 discounts are quite wonderful. As always – the fine print is the important part and we’re here to debunk the bold titles and put things into perspective. As the veteran, seasoned shoppers that we are, we know the highest number does not always represent the best deal, so we’ll try to figure out what’s behind those $3,000 savings.

First things first: The $3,000 discount, the highest on this B&H holiday sale, go with Canon’s impressive but aging 1DX Mark II (that’s Mark Two), now at $2,999 (for a limited time). Canon’s 2016 flagship DSLR was among the first reflex cameras to offer a unique mix of 4K60P, DualPixel AF, and a full-frame sensor. Impressive as it may be for 2016, in 2023 several competitors will challenge this kit. The 1DX Mark II uses an outdated and inefficient MotionJPEG codec and has a crop of X1.34 when recording 17:9 DCI 4K (with no 16:9 option). That said – the 1DX Mark II is built to the highest professional standards, has a huge battery, and while not overly efficient, its footage looks great straight out of the camera. I wouldn’t pay full price, but for $3K, in some use cases, it’s definitely worth a thought.

Image credit: Canon

It doesn’t end there…

The 1DX Mark II steals some attention in this specific sale, but down the list are some other impressive savings. Canon Cine duo, the EOS C300 Mark III and EOS C500 Mark II, both get a $1,000 discount. The Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 COMPACT-SERVO Cinema Zoom gains a $500 discount as well. If you want to take a compact, hybrid approach, Canon provides you with a generous $500 discount for their recent EOS-R6 Mark II. This impressive unit boasts a 4K60P oversampled 10-bit video (from 6K) with no crop, an internal stabilization system, dual card slots, improved battery life, and thermal management compared with its predecessor. Now priced at $1,999, it’s a bargain.