GenusTech Production Matte Box – Discount

GenusTech Production Matte Box - Discount

A matte box designed for nearly all the camera/lens requirements in one box? Surely it can’t be!


The GenusTech Production Matte Box has been designed to suit all production types, from features to documentary or studio work where you could be using a range of different cameras and lenses on a day to day basis. The kit comes in at $599.00, and with the promo code PMB10%OFF you can get a sweet 10% off for the first 50 orders.

However, if you miss that, it is on special offer from B&H at $549.00! A great package price for the versatility you get.

Having versatility as it’s USP, the matte box can accommodate lens diameters from 52mm up to 114mm. This is ideal if you shoot with varying lenses such as photography glass like the 24-70’s in conjunction with cinema lenses like the Zeiss CP2 shown in the video above, which are inherently larger.

It has a number of mounting options, either in clip-on mode or bar mounted, and the accessories are included in the kit bundle. For filters, the matte box has two trays: a front tray which is fixed, and a rear tray that can be rotated 360 degrees for use with graduated or effect filters. It can also be locked to a set position if its not in use too.

A top flag for the matte box is also included in the package, with sides as optional extras. The Ray Shade itself is coated in an efficient, non-reflective material to reduce glare or refraction into the lens.

Genus Production Matte Box, for lenses from 52mm to 114mm, complete with:

a)     Production Matte Box Rayshade
b)     Top Flag
c)     2 x Filter Trays (rear tray 360 degrees fully rotatable)
d)     15mm Rod to Matte Box Mount Bracket (Centre to Centre 60mm)
e)     114mm Do-Nut
f)      82mm Interface
g)     Set of 82mm Step-Up Rings comprising of :
i)      52mm to 82mm
ii)     58mm to 82mm
iii)    62mm to 82mm
iv)    67mm to 82mm
v)     72mm to 82mm
vi)    77mm to 82mm
vii)   82mm to 82mm

Looking for an all-in-one matte box solution? Use the promo code to get 10% off here, or head over to B&H and grab the special offer while it lasts!

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