Get Smart With Your Gear With This Great Used/Unused Battery Organiser

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Get Smart With Your Gear With This Great Used/Unused Battery Organiser

Forever ever mixing up your used and unused batteries? Wolf Packs from Fangs may have the answer for you with their color coded tactical production organisers. 

Wolf Packs_1

Shoots can be stressful and tasking environments. There’s lots to think about, lots of decision to make, alleviating thought processes where and when you can is essential.

Take batteries for instance, the good old ‘is it full or is it used’ dilemma, often leading to trying it out in a device that, if the latter, you’re wasting time on set.

Mini film gear house Fangs has come up with a very simple product for organising your batteries (or media) – a double sided bag that sports globally standard red/green labelling for unused and used sections.

Many shooters will have their own methods for dealing with batteries I’m sure (left pocket for full, right for empty for example), but what’s useful about these bags is just how universally understood the protocol is.

Wolf Packs_2

It’s much easier to show your assistant at the start of the shoot “Hey this is the batts bag, red for empty, green for full”, rather than “Hey, grab me a full battery, top left pocket as you open the camera case, then put the old one in….blah blah blah”.

The Wolf Packs bag comes in three sizes, ranging from 5.5″ to 9″ in size. All have a useful eyelet with carabiner for attaching to your bag, light stand etc..

Small Wolf Pack
Dimensions: 6.5in x 5.5in (15.25cm x 13.97cm)
Weight: 3oz w/carabiner
Price: $29.99

Medium Wolf Pack
Dimensions: 8.25in x 7in (20.95cm x 17.78cm)
Weight: 5oz w/carabiner
Price: $34.99

Large Wolf Pack
Dimensions: 9in x 9in (22.86cm x 22.86cm)
Weight: 8oz w/carabiner
Price: $39.99

You can buy in a pack of three for $99.99 also.

My Two Cents

I’ve been a long standing user of the Think Tank DSLR Holder for small batteries, these are great as keep your batteries separate from another (good for flying) and you can undergo a simple one way full, other way empty protocol. Not as universal as red and green however, if other people are accessing your kit throughout the day (assistant, runner, other shooters) then something universal like the Wolf Packs organisers would work well in addition to these pouches.

AA HolderAnother great organiser to work in addition is these AA holders, they come in orange and green (as well as other colours and for AAA) so you can quickly determine whether sets are used/fresh.

Fangs advertise the Wolf Packs as suitable media organisers as well. Indeed the process of red/green separation would apply here, however the proximity of zippers between full and empty are a little close for my liking (no matter how obviously marked they are) plus there’s a lot of room for media to jingle about in an organiser like this.

Wolf Packs_cards

Keeping media safe and secure in a wallet of some kind first would get my vote, Pelican make a good hard case line as well as Think Tanks range of Pocket Rockets for various sized cards, and you can undergo a simple one way up one way down for full/fresh cards.

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