Holiday Season Deals Guide 2020 – B&H and CVP

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Holiday Season Deals Guide 2020 – B&H and CVP

For this season’s Holiday Deals, we’ve been combing through B&H and CVP’s offerings to bring some nice deals on cameras and accessories to your attention, so let’s dive right in! UPDATED: More B&H deals below –

Black Friday is long gone, Cyber Monday is a thing of the past. But since shopping seemingly never stops, manufacturers and retailers are still offering some great deals for this year’s holiday season. And some of them are definitely worth sharing. So if you’re looking for a new camera or even a bundle to start a new kit, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve updated this list with a few more deals from B&H ! Make sure to check them out!

Holiday Season Deals Guide 2020 – B&H

US-based retailer B&H is offering some nice deals on filmmakers gear for this years holiday season. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are long gone, B&H calls out Green Monday for even more deals. Some of the most interesting include the DJI Mavic Mini (review here), the BMPCC 6K, the Canon EOS 80D and the Sony Alpha a7R III:

DJI Mavic Mini. Image credit: cineD
BMPCC 6K Bundle, including an Atomos Shinobi monitor. Image credit: B&H
Sony a7R III
Sony Alpha a7R III. Image credit: Sony

$800 off for the Sony Alpha a7R III (read our coverage here) seems to be a pretty good deal if you need a crazy high MP camera!

Updated Deals (will expire Dec 17th):

CVP Offerings – 2020 Holiday Season

If you’re located in the EU, British retailer CVP might be a better fit for your shopping needs. But fear not, CVP has some nice deals on display, too.

Zoom F6 recorder. Image credit: Zoom
Z CAM E2-F8 Announced
Z CAM E2-F8 8K. Image credit: Z CAM
Power Junkie
Blind Spot Gear Power Junkie

Especially the Zoom F6 recorder (read our coverage here) and the Power Junkie (review here) are quite useful pieces of kist in my opinion. And the deal on the Z Cam E2 F8 8K (article here) pushes the price well below € 5,000 which is also pretty impressive.

Stay tuned for more deals over the course of this week!

What do you think? Planning to shop and stock up on your film gear for post-pandemic times? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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