“I’m Back 35” on Kickstarter – Digitize Your Old SLR Camera

“I’m Back 35” on Kickstarter – Digitize Your Old SLR Camera

The title of today’s post sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The alert reader, however, will notice a slight difference to our original “I’m Back” post back in 2018 or to the following “I’m Back MF” in 2019. It’s a new model of that very device we’re talking about today, the “I’m Back 35”!

I'm Back 35

I’m Back 35 digital back for analogue 35mm SLRs. Behind the Leica: Its creator Samuel Mello Medeiros.

The idea behind this digital back for analogue SLR cameras is simple: Dust off your old analogue SLR camera, replace the back cover with a “I’m Back 35” cover and your old camera is all set for its second, digital, life. If you’re after impressing your pixel-peeping friends, this is not for you but if you’re in the market for some glorious analogue-ish snaps from your trusted SLR: The I’m Back 35 is well worth a very close look!

I’m Back 35 – For Many More Models & Manual Mode

This new version is up on Kickstarter and, of course, the finish line can already be seen in the rearview mirror. The campaign runs until May 31st. Check out the campaign video below:

The main difference between the original version and this updated I’m Back 35 model is this: It’s much more versatile and can be used for many more different makes and models of vintage SLR camera out there. Furthermore, you now can set the digital camera within the I’m Back 35 to manual mode, so you can set your SLR manually just like you would back in the day.

I'm Back 35

Reworked Design, More Intuitive, Sony NP batteries

The 2″ touch screen on the back plus three buttons is all you need to control this new version and the whole design has been reworked to achieve a more rugged, more universal and more intuitive piece of gear. A standard Sony NP F550 type battery fuels the device and on the other side of the body a micro SD card (up to 128GB) plays catch on your digital files. Next to it, a USB-C port along with a micro-HDMI can be found.

I'M Back

2″ touch screen

New Circuit Board, Custom Back Covers for Many Camera Makes & Models

The unit also sports a completely new PCB (printed circuit board) which holds the firmware as well as the numerous controllers for the digital camera and everything else. This new model of the I’m Back 35 fits almost every vintage SLR out there but in order to really blend with the given camera, Samuel and his team stock plenty of different custom back covers for a vast amount of different makes and models.

I'm Back 35

Universal camera mount. You can get dedicated versions for your specific model, too.

The (digital) camera within the I’m Back 35 can process jpgs or RAW images and of course you can record videos, too. Check the full specifications below:

  • Processor: Icatch V39
  • Sensor: Panasonic 34112
  • LCD: 2.0 inch
  • Display: 240*RGB*320 LCD
  • Video format: 4K 3840*2160/30FPS – 1920*1080P/60fps – 1280*720P/120fps
  • Video format: MOV
  • Photo resolution: 14M/10M/8M/other
  • Photo format: JPEG and COLOR RAW
  • Memory: Micro SD / Class 10 Max 128G
  • Microphone/Speaker: Built-in
  • Frequence: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Power interface 7.4V – 1A
  • Battery: 7.4v lithium battery
  • Type C – HDMI – TF card – MIC – 3.5mm – Sync cable – 1.5mm
  • System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, mac OS 10.3.6 and above


The unique selling point of the I’m Back 35 is this: It’s kinda cheap. For $249 ($349 once the Kickstarter campaign is over) you get a fully-fledged digital back for your old SLR camera. Have you ever checked the retail prices of a dedicated Phase One digital back? They are crazy expensive! They’re playing in a whole different league, sure, but the point is: With this I’m Back 35 you can breathe new life into your old gear and enjoy it again!

I'm Back

I’m Back 35 on a Nikon F

Check out the Kickstarter page for more information but please keep in mind that Kickstarter is not a retail store but a crowdfunding platform. However, since I’m Back 35 is the third campaign after two successful ones, there’s a good chance of actually getting what you pay for.

I'm Back 35

New model vs old one (right).

Link: Kickstarter

What do you think? Could this digital back make its way into your gear bag? Let us know in the comments below!


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