Koala Dolly with a Lighter and Toolless Design by Black Bear

April 28th, 2019

Black Bear Studio Systems have developed a new tool-less, compact version of the Koala Dolly which was freshly announced at NAB 2019.

In fact, the prototype on display was only completed 3 days before the show opened! So what makes the new Koala Dolly different from its earlier versions?

Toolless Design

The new Black Bear Koala Dolly is all about being on the go, with a tool-less setup and a weight rating of 60lbs. For discreet on location filming, or making those tight maneuvers through doorways or around a set, the new Koala Dolly should be right at home.

For mounting tripods or peds to the Koala Dolly, there are 4 x 3/8 bolts in a triangular configuration (for tripod bungees). This is compatible with a number of mounts as well as the Black Bear mount too.

Built-In Ground and Track Wheels

Black Bear has simplified these too now with no need to swap wheels from standard ground wheels to track wheels. These have now been combined, are adjustable, and mounted directly onto the axle in the industry standard spec of 24 1/2 inch center to center.

Three steering modes are controlled via a gear selector at the front of the dolly. The modes vary from engaging all four wheels for extra tight turns, two-wheel engage for smoother turns or a neutral mode for using the dolly on a track.

Compared to the previous models, this new Koala Dolly appears to be stripped back in regards to the amount of metal on the unit. The magnetic track wheels have been replaced, which reduces the overall weight and keeps the dolly components compact.

Pre-orders for the Black Bear Koala Dolly will be starting soon, with shipping in July. The price of the unit comes in at $4799.00

Are you looking for an easier dolly system for your filming? Does the new Black Bear Koala Dolly fit your camera movement needs? Let us know in the comments.


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 David Gurney
David Gurney
MemberMay 3rd, 2019

Pretty cool, except that design prevents you from using it with bare track that isn’t tied together; the wheel portion that rides on the track is only a quarter-circle, which will push the pipes apart unless they have spreaders.

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