Next Level Editing: What’s Coming Up in the New Adobe CC

Next Level Editing: What's Coming Up in the New Adobe CC

Adobe has recently teased some major new features in their upcoming Adobe CC platform. Can Apple’s FCPx and Avid’s Media Composer keep up with this level?


“It’s not the editing platform that is important; it is the way you tell a story” was my usual motto while having discussions with various editors on which editing platform is the best. However, I can’t justify this anymore, as it is the platform that enhances our story making capabilities and it is their sole purpose to make it easier for us to accomplish this. With new technologies coming out, such as immersive Virtual Reality and 360 content, editing platforms have to rethink the way they create their products to accommodate an ever changing industry. A prime example of how far Adobe has come is the blockbuster Deadpool, which was edited with Adobe Premiere. This is where Adobe has hit the nail on the head.

Virtual Reality and 360

adobe cc VR

The new Premiere CC  brings new VR capabilities, in the form of a “field of view” mode. This allows editors to work with imported spherical stitched video and see what a viewer would see when looking in a given direction. The new mode will enable users to switch dynamically between monoscopic, stereoscopic and anaglyph frame layouts, freely reposition the viewing angle across 360 degrees while editing, and export video with VR tags so that video players like YouTube automatically recognize it.

Proxy Workflow

adobe proxy

Premiere CC will feature a new workflow that enables editors to begin editing during “ingest” while importing video and audio in the background. The new update will also allow a proxy workflow for working with high-resolution formats including 8K, HDR and HFR media.

Colouring and Other Features

premiere cc colouring

Adobe is expanding Premier Pro’s Lumetri color-correction toolkit, which should give editors finer control when isolating and adjusting specific colors using HSL secondaries.

New navigational keyboard shortcuts, an added Twitter export option, and extra captioning and titling features are also part of the forthcoming update.

Other Announcements

  • After Effects CC: The motion graphics and special effects editor will feature a new audio and video preview engine for smoother playback for cached frames, new GPU-accelerated Gaussian Blur and Lumetri Color effects for faster rendering, and new 3D media export options.
  • Audition CC: A new Essential Sound panel boasts simpler sound mixing and preset saving while a quick export option lets editors send video projects with finished audio directly to Adobe Media Encoder.
  • Character Animator CC: A new puppet tag panel enables users to apply multiple motion trigger behaviors to video, track puppets in the field of view and quickly switch between facial profiles.
  • Adobe Stock CC: Tighter integration with Adobe’s suite of apps and a new filtered and tagged search system for quick access to over 50 million images and video clips from within Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Media Encoder: A clearer media browser panel is coming to Adobe’s standalone encoding app, as well as support for Audition and Character Animator apps.

Adobe CC Pricing and Availability

Adobe will be previewing the next major updates to Creative Cloud at NAB (at booth #SL3910, South Hall (lower) in the Las Vegas Convention Center). These updates are expected to ship in the “early summer.” The company is offering Adobe Creative Cloud for U.S. $49.99 a month.



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